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Player Report for #41 Bob Simmons
Saturday, March 19th, 2022
Name:Bob SimmonsContract:Minor League Contract
Birthday:11-29-1997Signed Through:
Age:24Years of Major League Service:None, 1 Day
Born in:Johnson City (New York)Major League Service Days this Year:None
Height:6' 2"Years on 40-Man Roster:None, 1 Day
Weight:215 lbsYears of Pro Service:6 Years
  Arbitration Eligibility:Not yet eligible
Position:SPMinor League Option Years:3 option years left
Throws:RightContract ExtensionMinor League Extension
Status:Completely RestedDrafted2016, 6th Pick in Round 4
Morale:Very GoodLocal Popularity (National)Popular (Popular)
Pitching Ratings (SISA)
Overall16623084-86 Mph 
Versus LHP176230 
Versus RHP166230 
Pitching Ratings  Pitches:Fastball, Changeup, Slider, Cutter, Sinker
Groundball Pct.:56   
Holding Runners:50   
Batting Ratings (SISA)
BattingContactGapPowerDiscipline/EyeAvoid K's 
Versus LHP1420381 
Versus RHP1316371 
Running & Bunting Ratings  Fielding Ratings
Running Speed:11 Pitcher 49
Stealing Ability:3 
Baserunning Instincts:11 
Sacrifice Bunt:102 
Bunt for Hit:11 
Hitter Type:Pull Hitter 
Game Log, Last 10 Games
03-13-2022 FLOWin, 6-5X4.052221       
03-08-2022 ATLLoss, 4-5X4.042253       
Career Pitching Stats
Career Minor League Pitching Stats
2016 White Oak - R1813138302.68100.295323012942001.23.28024.9
2017 White Oak - R1915156503.04112.2100403832654211.12.26422.2
2018 Hightstown - A20191901505.60125.1163847845066001.70.357-1.0
2019 Hightstown - A2128216813.99146.2160696574869101.42.30422.4
2020 Paradise - AA22272781506.12160.1195116109106669001.63.324-13.1
2021 Paradise - AA231803414.1745.149222141615001.43.2736.0
2021 Glendale - AAA23700007.0415.1241212236001.76.373-2.1
Total LBSQAAA700007.0415.1241212236001.76.373-2.1
Total LBSQAA4527111915.69205.2244138130148284001.59.313-7.1
Total LBSQA474062314.73272.03231531431198135101.55.32921.4
Total LBSQR282814802.87213.1195726845596211.17.27147.2
Career Fielding Stats
Player History
01-01-2018SISA scouting updated ratings (potential): Stuff: 22 (34); Movement: 49 (48); Control: 11 (34).
01-01-2019SISA scouting updated ratings (potential): Stuff: 23 (18); Movement: 50 (48); Control: 15 (34).
07-08-2019Injured (strained back muscle), day-to-day for 1-2 weeks.
07-18-2019Injured (tender shoulder), out for 1-2 weeks.
01-01-2020SISA scouting updated ratings (potential): Stuff: 22 (18); Movement: 50 (48); Control: 26 (34).
01-01-2021SISA scouting updated ratings (potential): Stuff: 18 (12); Movement: 57 (59); Control: 32 (25).
07-26-2021Injured (damaged meniscus (knee)), day-to-day for 2 weeks.
01-01-2022SISA scouting updated ratings (potential): Stuff: 16 (12); Movement: 62 (59); Control: 30 (25).
02-06-2022Signed a 0-year minor league contract extension with the Pittsburgh Pirates organization.

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