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New York Mets 10-04-2022
Team Financial Report
General Information
Team FocusRebuilding
Staff Payroll$0
Player Payroll$44,822,765
Current Budget$56,205,087
Projected Balance$10,611,960
Average Player Salary$1,280,650
League Average Salary$1,888,747
Highest Paid Players: 
 1) Kenny Milton$12,320,000
 2) Mark Matthews$10,080,000
 3) Ryan Madson$5,090,000
 4) Luis Franco$3,430,000
 5) Darryl Field$1,420,000
Current Financial Overview
Attendance per Game24,203
Gate Revenue$27,445,754
Playoff Revenue$0
Media Revenue$20,000,000
Merchandising Revenue$10,254,898
Revenue Sharing$0
Player Expenses$45,593,127
Staff Expenses$0
Last Season Overview
Attendance per Game22,958
Gate Revenue$26,034,512
Playoff Revenue$0
Media Revenue$20,000,000
Merchandising Revenue$10,070,576
Revenue Sharing$0
Player Expenses$62,162,486
Staff Expenses$0

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