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New York Mets 10-04-2022
Positional Strength Overview
PositionTop playerTeam rankingTop prospectOrganizational rankingOverall ranking
CatchersRob Brantly18thJorge Alfaro12th17th
First BasemenBruce Richardson12thBruce Richardson6th7th
Second BasemenTied for 23rdJT Riddle20th23rd
Third BasemenMark Matthews1stFernando García7th2nd
ShortstopsEdward Tanner11thEdward Tanner2nd5th
Left FieldersGlen Graham16thBubba Brooks6th9th
Center FieldersRobbie Marshall13thRobbie Marshall14th12th
Right FieldersClarence Hood14thJesús Torres8th14th
Starting PitchersAndy McDaniel22ndAndy McDaniel10th17th
RelieversCraig Cameron15thKevin Davis13th14th
ClosersLuis Franco15thDick Stark9th15th

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