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lbsq 07-04-2033
Breaking News
Monday, July 4th, 2033: lbsq News: The All-Star Game Rosters Have Been Announced
The All-Stars are in a clash by themselves.
The star performers from the American and National will soon do battle in the 2033 lbsq All-Star Game.
It's an annual diamond spectacular that takes place at the midpoint of the season. Two superb ballclubs taking each other on in the Midsummer Classic to determine the best league for this year. The talented stars are playing for league pride. Each roster is filled with standout performers.

The American All-Stars feature these players:

SP A. Manoah (MIN)
SP L. Patino (SDP)
SP A. Trujillo (BOS)
SP D. Lilly (NYY)
SP D. Hays (ANA)
SP A. McDaniel (NYM)
CL G. Rogers (NYM)
MR B. Boxberger (MIN)
MR D. Williams (TOR)
CL J. Torres (STL)
CL F. Encarnación (DET)
MR L. Green (ANA)
LF J. Torres (CHW)
CF M. Glover (DET)
1B R. Lee (ANA)
SS N. Gonzales (BAL)
2B M. Luciano (ANA)
3B P. Caruso (DET)
LF D. Watson (TEX)
C M. Zunino (STL)
C C. Gardner (SDP)
1B A. O'Reilly (BAL)
CF P. Farmer (NYM)
2B R. Stevens (NYM)
LF J. Curtis (BAL)
CF B. Gamel (TOR)
3B J. Carmona (STL)
3B F. Tatis Jr (DET)

On the National All-Stars roster will be:

SP T. Rogers (PIT)
SP S. Sanchez (OAK)
SP M. Bentley (ATL)
SP M. Phillips (ATL)
SP C. Parker (MON)
SP D. Vallejo (MON)
CL G. Connor (FLO)
MR J. Albert (OAK)
CL J. Mcgee (CHC)
CL O. Hurley (ATL)
MR J. Mendoza (SEA)
CL P. Frazier (SFG)
2B A. Rosario (SFG)
1B E. Bailey (ATL)
SS C. Abrams (CLE)
RF D. Carlsson (MON)
LF A. Feo (FLO)
3B J. Whitehead (CLE)
C R. Morris (PIT)
C W. Harper (MON)
CF T. Hernandez (LAD)
1B S. McLaughlin (SFG)
1B P. Alonso (MON)
SS J. Downs (MON)
1B L. Voit (PIT)
RF M. Holland (OAK)
RF C. Fernández (HOU)
LF R. McKoy (CIN)
Monday, July 4th, 2033: This Week's Star Player is Horne
The votes have been cast and counted and the winner of the National Player of the Week has been chosen. It was presented earlier today to Martim Horne for his red-hot week of hitting.

The Montreal second baseman took home the trophy by splurging with 10 hits in 24 at-bats for a .417 batting average, driving in 13 runs and scoring 10 times.

In 2033 Horne has hit at a .292 clip with 91 hits, 18 home runs, 68 RBIs and has scored 71 times.
Monday, July 4th, 2033: American Picks Top Performer
A hot-hitting week got Mark Glover the American Player of the Week trophy. He really wore out his welcome with league pitchers.

The Detroit center fielder slammed them for a .520 average, 13 hits in 25 at-bats, 5 home runs, 16 RBIs and scored 8 runs.

In the postgame press conference, Glover shared his hitting philosophy with the SION scribes: "Just look for the seams and hit between them...nothin' more than that."

This season Glover is batting .360 with 111 hits and 32 home runs. He has scored 70 times and has 100 RBI.
League Leaders AVG
R. Lee - ANA
2C. FernándezHOU.377
3B. GamelTOR.368
4F. Tatis JrDET.364
5M. GloverDET.360
League Leaders HR
R. Stevens - NYM
2D. CarlssonMON33
2C. WalkerCHC33
4M. GloverDET32
53 tied with 29
League Leaders RBI
M. Glover - DET
2D. CarlssonMON96
3C. WalkerCHC89
4S. McLaughlinSFG85
52 tied with 84
League Leaders W
4 tied with
1A. ManoahMIN10
1T. RogersPIT10
1S. SanchezOAK10
1A. TrujilloBOS10
League Leaders ERA
T. Rogers - PIT
2L. PatinoSDP3.05
2A. ManoahMIN3.05
4R. HuddyTOR3.54
52 tied with 3.70
League Leaders K
A. Manoah - MIN
2T. GonsolinSDP113
2R. RayLAD113
4J. MooreDET102
5D. VallejoMON97

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American Standings
Division ContinentaleWLPCTGB
New York Mets5230.634-
Anaheim Angels4437.5437.5
New York Yankees4439.5308.5
Toronto Blue Jays4141.50011.0
San Diego Padres3942.48112.5
Boston Red Sox3251.38620.5
Division CentraleWLPCTGB
Minnesota Twins4735.573-
Baltimore Orioles4636.5611.0
St. Louis Cardinals4537.5492.0
Chicago White Sox4042.4887.0
Detroit Tigers3942.4817.5
Texas Rangers3150.38315.5

National Standings
Division EstWLPCTGB
Atlanta Braves4834.585-
Montreal Expos4636.5612.0
Pittsburgh Pirates4338.5314.5
Floride Marlins4141.5007.0
Cleveland Indians3150.38316.5
Cincinnati Reds3151.37817.0
Division OuestWLPCTGB
Oakland Athletics5032.610-
Chicago Cubs4141.5009.0
Houston Astros4043.48210.5
San Francisco Giants4043.48210.5
Seattle Mariners3645.44413.5
Los Angeles Dodgers3546.43214.5

Yesterday's Games
Away TeamHome TeamResultTimeWinning PitcherLosing Pitcher
TorontoSan Diego12-71:05 pmD.Williams (3-3, 3.91 ERA)H.Harvey (1-4, 6.03 ERA)
New YorkBoston8-41:05 pmD.Lilly (8-4, 3.70 ERA)G.MacKnight (2-8, 7.49 ERA)
AnaheimNew York5-61:05 pmJ.Muñíz (2-2, 5.60 ERA)J.Coleman (8-4, 5.48 ERA)
ChicagoBaltimore4-51:05 pmR.Rice (1-1, 3.00 ERA)J.Familia (1-7, 8.66 ERA)
MinnesotaTexas4-51:05 pmA.Alfaro (3-2, 7.71 ERA)R.Ríos (0-3, 2.70 ERA)
DetroitSt. Louis3-111:05 pmA.Jewell (5-5, 6.21 ERA)D.Thomas (6-7, 6.57 ERA)
Away TeamHome TeamResultTimeWinning PitcherLosing Pitcher
ClevelandMontreal6-101:05 pmD.Vallejo (9-5, 5.32 ERA)D.Dunby (7-7, 6.44 ERA)
FloridePittsburgh2-111:05 pmK.Wright (6-6, 6.62 ERA)O.Nájera (1-3, 10.50 ERA)
CincinnatiAtlanta0-61:05 pmM.Bentley (9-2, 4.28 ERA)S.Byers (2-8, 7.94 ERA)
HoustonSan Francisco0-21:05 pmB.Proctor (6-4, 4.13 ERA)H.Hashimoto (6-6, 5.72 ERA)
ChicagoSeattle6-31:05 pmJ.Gallardo (5-8, 6.08 ERA)I.Anderson (6-9, 5.09 ERA)
Los AngelesOakland2-41:05 pmS.Sanchez (10-5, 4.08 ERA)R.Ray (6-6, 4.13 ERA)
Today's Games
Away TeamHome TeamTimeStarting Pitcher Away TeamStarting Pitcher Home Team
Anaheim (44-37, Road: 19-23)San Diego (39-42, Home: 15-22)7:05 pmRHP D.Hays (8-4, 3.70 ERA)RHP L.Castillo (5-8, 5.38 ERA)
Toronto (41-41, Road: 20-18)Boston (32-51, Home: 14-26)7:05 pmRHP M.Flore (4-7, 7.50 ERA)LHP K.Freeland (3-9, 7.58 ERA)
New York (44-39, Road: 26-22)New York (52-30, Home: 26-15)7:05 pmRHP E.Crews (3-4, 8.37 ERA)LHP A.McDaniel (8-3, 3.98 ERA)
St. Louis (45-37, Road: 17-20)Chicago (40-42, Home: 20-20)7:05 pmRHP P.Rodríguez (6-5, 4.56 ERA)RHP K.Sparks (3-6, 5.40 ERA)
Detroit (39-42, Road: 22-22)Texas (31-50, Home: 18-27)7:05 pmRHP J.Turner (7-4, 4.29 ERA)RHP J.Holliday (4-8, 6.64 ERA)
Away TeamHome TeamTimeStarting Pitcher Away TeamStarting Pitcher Home Team
Atlanta (48-34, Road: 22-18)Floride (41-41, Home: 19-18)7:05 pmRHP K.Takahashi (4-7, 6.89 ERA)LHP S.Duguay (5-4, 6.67 ERA)
Cleveland (31-50, Road: 17-28)Pittsburgh (43-38, Home: 26-18)7:05 pmRHP H.McComas (1-4, 5.10 ERA)LHP T.Rogers (10-2, 2.83 ERA)
Chicago (41-41, Road: 21-20)San Francisco (40-43, Home: 24-24)7:05 pmRHP W.Harris (0-4, 6.89 ERA)RHP M.Biron (4-8, 6.48 ERA)
Los Angeles (35-46, Road: 14-23)Seattle (36-45, Home: 25-17)7:05 pmRHP F.Valdez (5-8, 5.92 ERA)RHP P.Moreno (4-6, 5.42 ERA)
Houston (40-43, Road: 17-23)Oakland (50-32, Home: 21-17)7:05 pmRHP V.Olson (1-4, 4.63 ERA)RHP B.Moody (8-5, 4.52 ERA)

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