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LBSQ Double A 02-21-2024
Available Coaches
ManagerJeff Abbott5111 
ScoutJeff Abbott519 
ScoutJeff Abbott5114 
ScoutJose Acevedo463 
Hitting CoachPablo Adame611 
ManagerStan Adams5928 
Pitching CoachTerry Adams5012 
ScoutTerry Adams5017 
ManagerWalter Adams410 
ManagerDoug Adkins360 
Pitching CoachJeremy Affeldt441 
Pitching CoachJeremy Affeldt447 
ScoutJeremy Affeldt446 
ManagerBenny Agbayani5212 
ScoutBenny Agbayani5220 
ScoutAlberto Aguilar416 
ScoutErnesto Aguilar432 
Pitching CoachCarlos Alemán620 
Team DoctorArmando Alfaro5422 
Hitting CoachEdgardo Alfonzo508 
ScoutEdgardo Alfonzo509 
Hitting CoachChad Allen499 
ManagerJames Allen6124 
ScoutMike Allen548 
ScoutRyan Allen657 
ScoutSam Allen620 
Pitching CoachSam Allen404 
Pitching CoachArmando Almanza5119 
ScoutAlonso Almenar520 
ScoutErick Almonte469 
ManagerRoberto Alomar5619 
ScoutPedro Álvarez444 
ScoutVictor Alvarez477 
Pitching CoachEmílio Amézaga569 
ScoutBrian Anderson5115 
ScoutBrian Anderson515 
Pitching CoachJimmy Anderson4810 
Pitching CoachMatt Anderson4711 
ScoutStanley Anderson637 
Hitting CoachJack Andrews6020 
ScoutRick Ankiel4413 
Hitting CoachJoey Anstruther412 
Hitting CoachRodney Appleby6017 
ManagerJamie Arnold495 
Pitching CoachBronson Arroyo460 
Pitching CoachPedro Astacio5416 
Pitching CoachScott Atchison476 
ScoutRay Atkins350 
ScoutRich Aurilia526 
ScoutRich Aurilia524 
ScoutBruce Aven514 
ScoutAlfredo Avilés360 
Hitting CoachBrian Aylmer610 
Hitting CoachAntónio Baca601 
Team DoctorDave Baker489 
ManagerJohnny Baker380 
Pitching CoachScott Baker423 
Pitching CoachJames Baldwin528 
ManagerMartín Bańuelos612 
Team DoctorLou Barber6215 
ScoutIván Barrios603 
ScoutKimera Bartee5115 
Pitching CoachTodd Bartels415 
ScoutNathan Bass550 
Team DoctorChuck Bates4110 
Hitting CoachEd Beck6026 
Hitting CoachRich Becker5213 
ScoutRich Becker5214 
Pitching CoachKevin Beirne508 
Pitching CoachTim Belcher620 
Pitching CoachRoy Bell641 
ScoutAlbert Belle576 
ManagerAlbert Belle579 
ScoutRon Belliard486 
ScoutRon Belliard489 
ManagerMarvin Benard5412 
ManagerZach Bender380 
Hitting CoachGary Bennett5114 
Pitching CoachShayne Bennett519 
ScoutJoaquin Benoit461 
Pitching CoachJoaquin Benoit469 
Hitting CoachMorton Benton370 
ManagerFernando Bernal420 
Hitting CoachÁnibal Bernard603 
Pitching CoachRafael Betancourt483 
Hitting CoachLarry Bigbie469 
Pitching CoachJohn Bishop391 
Pitching CoachTerry Bishop614 
Hitting CoachDustin Blackwell596 
Pitching CoachNate Bland4912 
ManagerTroy Boggs550 
ScoutWade Boggs657 
Pitching CoachDave Borkowski4711 
Hitting CoachJorge Bosel5612 
ScoutRob Bowen427 
Pitching CoachRyan Bower470 
Pitching CoachJohn Boyd5817 
ScoutSean Boyd600 
Pitching CoachBruno Bradford6212 
Team DoctorJeff Bradford414 
ManagerJoe Brewer5421 
General ManagerDrew Bright640 
Hitting CoachBen Broussard4713 
ScoutBen Broussard474 
ScoutJim Brower515 
Hitting CoachAdrian Brown503 
ScoutEmil Brown495 
ScoutRobert Bullard457 
ScoutMilton Bullock370 
ScoutNate Bump473 
Pitching CoachNate Bump476 
Pitching CoachNate Bump475 
General ManagerTomás Burgos580 
ManagerMorgan Burkhart523 
ScoutMorgan Burkhart5212 
Pitching CoachMike Burns459 
Pitching CoachJared Burton426 
ScoutJorge Bustamante410 
ScoutPaul Byrd5312 
General ManagerRicardo Cabral603 
Hitting CoachAlex Cabrera527 
ScoutGabriel Cabrera445 
Hitting CoachJolbert Cabrera519 
Hitting CoachPancho Cabrera630 
ScoutMiguel Cairo497 
ScoutRicardo Calderón464 
ManagerKiko Calero495 
Hitting CoachSteve Campbell5814 
ScoutStanley Carlton450 
ManagerMark Carpenter640 
ScoutArthur Carr6019 
Pitching CoachCharlie Carr5716 
Pitching CoachHector Carrasco5417 
ScoutHector Carrasco546 
Hitting CoachArmando Carrillo651 
ScoutOwen Carson600 
Team DoctorMatt Carter486 
ManagerSean Casey4910 
ScoutScott Cassidy488 
Hitting CoachLuis Manuel Castaneda550 
ManagerAlberto Castillo546 
ScoutLuis Castillo483 
Hitting CoachLuis Castillo486 
ScoutBernie Castro446 
Team DoctorJuan Castro480 
Pitching CoachMike Cather5310 
ScoutMac Chase5110 
Hitting CoachRoberto Chávez420 
General ManagerRocky Cherry443 
ScoutJin Ho Cho4817 
ScoutMcKay Christensen489 
Pitching CoachJason Christiansen5421 
ManagerJason Christiansen542 
General ManagerJason Christiansen549 
General ManagerJason Christiansen5417 
ScoutDaniel Church484 
Pitching CoachMario Chután630 
ManagerAlex Cintron450 
ManagerHowie Clark507 
General ManagerMichael Clark5514 
Hitting CoachTony Clark5116 
Team DoctorHarry Clayton5812 
ManagerJ.D. Closser447 
General ManagerMark Cole560 
General ManagerAndrew Coleman610 
Hitting CoachBryan Coleman610 
ManagerDon Coleman647 
Team DoctorJonathan Coleman457 
Hitting CoachAdolfo Colim4917 
Hitting CoachLeroy Collins620 
ScoutRoman Colon445 
Hitting CoachJason Conti4913 
ScoutArturo Contreras5612 
ScoutDennis Cook617 
ManagerVictor Cooper351 
Pitching CoachDavid Copeland620 
ScoutAlejandro Córdova530 
General ManagerDanny Cornett5713 
ManagerPat Cornett5924 
Hitting CoachVíctor Corona449 
Team DoctorJuan Coronado6116 
ManagerNeal Cote350 
ScoutJake Cox5620 
Hitting CoachSteve Cox4915 
Team DoctorHenry Crabbe5116 
Pitching CoachJesse Crain4211 
Team DoctorDan Crosby620 
General ManagerRich Croushore5310 
ScoutFrancisco Cruceta4210 
ManagerMike Crudale477 
Hitting CoachDeivi Cruz5117 
Hitting CoachJacob Cruz516 
ScoutJacob Cruz513 
ScoutJacob Cruz5112 
ScoutNelson Cruz438 
ScoutNelson Cruz5111 
Hitting CoachPedro Cuellar4612 
Pitching CoachJeff D'Amico499 
Pitching CoachJeff D'Amico499 
ManagerJohnny Damon5010 
ScoutMike Darr472 
Hitting CoachBrian Daubach528 
ManagerGeorge Davidson5319 
Pitching CoachBrandon Davis350 
ManagerEric Davis613 
ManagerJimmy Davis601 
Pitching CoachJoe Davis600 
Hitting CoachMichael Davis340 
ManagerPat Davis614 
ManagerTerry Davis320 
Pitching CoachValerio de los Santos5112 
ManagerEmery Deal360 
ScoutDavid DeJesus447 
ScoutMiguel del Toro517 
ScoutDavid Dellucci507 
ScoutRyan Dempster463 
Team DoctorJesús Díaz5411 
ScoutJuan Jose Díaz632 
ScoutMatt Diaz4514 
ScoutRoberto Díaz675 
ScoutR.A. Dickey492 
ScoutAustin Dixon5421 
ScoutJon Dixon642 
ScoutAlberto Domínguez6418 
Hitting CoachJesús Domínguez519 
ScoutRick Doyle550 
ManagerDon Drewett631 
ManagerJustin Duchscherer463 
ScoutJustin Duchscherer460 
ScoutJason Dugan521 
Pitching CoachZach Duke403 
ManagerAdam Dunn445 
Hitting CoachTodd Dunwoody4810 
Hitting CoachTodd Dunwoody484 
Pitching CoachPaul Dupree370 
Hitting CoachJesús Durango5822 
Pitching CoachEric Durham5118 
ScoutMike Duvall493 
ScoutAdam Eaton460 
ManagerAdam Eaton468 
Hitting CoachAngel Echevarria5213 
ScoutBruce Echols4915 
ScoutScott Elarton477 
Pitching CoachDave Elder489 
ScoutJason Ellison459 
Hitting CoachMorgan Ensberg486 
Hitting CoachJorge Escalante5415 
Hitting CoachAlex Escobar4512 
ScoutPedro Estever610 
ManagerJohnny Estrada4710 
General ManagerTim Evans600 
Hitting CoachAdam Everett4711 
Hitting CoachAdam Everett477 
Hitting CoachCarl Everett5213 
ManagerHenry Farmer495 
General ManagerCarlos Febles4713 
Pitching CoachPedro Feliciano479 
ManagerDoménico Fernández604 
Pitching CoachJuan Fernández642 
ManagerRichard Ferrell651 
ScoutJeff Fields5718 
Pitching CoachJeremy Fikac4811 
ManagerIván Flores600 
Pitching CoachJosué Flores410 
Hitting CoachReyes Flores610 
ScoutVíctor Flores509 
ManagerCliff Floyd518 
Pitching CoachJosh Fogg4711 
Pitching CoachScott Forbes620 
ManagerCal Ford613 
ScoutNicholas Ford392 
ScoutBrook Fordyce5315 
ScoutBrook Fordyce5317 
ScoutBartolome Fortunato4915 
ManagerKris Foster497 
ScoutJohn Franco639 
Pitching CoachGraham Frazier579 
ScoutHaden Frazier426 
Hitting CoachChoo Freeman449 
Pitching CoachAl Frey620 
Hitting CoachKosuke Fukudome467 
ScoutKosuke Fukudome466 
Team DoctorBobby Fullerton6420 
ScoutAaron Fultz5010 
ScoutKason Gabbard412 
General ManagerKason Gabbard411 
ScoutVicente Galván341 
ScoutEddy Garabito4710 
Hitting CoachEddy Garabito477 
ManagerRich Garces529 
ManagerCarlos García612 
ManagerCristo García644 
Pitching CoachFreddy Garcia4814 
Pitching CoachLuis García610 
Pitching CoachDanny Gardner620 
Pitching CoachErik Garner330 
ScoutBrent Gates5315 
Pitching CoachChris George440 
ScoutSteve George341 
Hitting CoachJason Giambi5315 
Hitting CoachJeremy Giambi492 
ScoutJon Gibson653 
ScoutGeronimo Gil4810 
ScoutGeronimo Gil481 
ScoutBrian Giles537 
General ManagerBen Gill613 
ScoutDoug Glanville5313 
Hitting CoachDoug Glanville5318 
ScoutDoug Glanville537 
ManagerTom Glavine5715 
ScoutEdward Glendenning320 
ManagerColin Glover5823 
ScoutMiguel Gómez393 
Pitching CoachDicky Gonzalez452 
Pitching CoachDicky Gonzalez4510 
ScoutJosé González625 
ScoutJuan Gonzalez544 
ManagerPedro González604 
General ManagerRamón González580 
ManagerAdam Gordon603 
ManagerMillard Gordon5017 
Team DoctorTerry Gordon330 
Pitching CoachTom Gordon5619 
ScoutTom Gordon5620 
General ManagerTom Gordon563 
ScoutTom Gordon560 
ScoutTom Gordon568 
ManagerJoe Graham405 
ManagerTodd Greene5212 
General ManagerBen Grieve4713 
ManagerBrandon Griffin437 
Hitting CoachJoe Griffin626 
Hitting CoachMichael Griffin658 
General ManagerBuddy Groom584 
Hitting CoachRafael Guerrero430 
ManagerVladimir Guerrero488 
Hitting CoachCarlos Guillen4815 
ScoutCarlos Guillen487 
General ManagerCarlos Guillen482 
ManagerJose Guillen476 
ScoutMiguel Guillén6117 
ScoutAntónio Gutiérrez340 
General ManagerTony Gwynn6311 
ManagerChris Gyle571 
ManagerBill Hall443 
Hitting CoachJeffrey Hammonds5213 
ScoutJeffrey Hammonds524 
Hitting CoachPete Hampton447 
ScoutAaron Harang458 
Pitching CoachMike Hardin451 
Hitting CoachJ.J. Hardy414 
ManagerGerald Harrell340 
ManagerLee Harrington5317 
ScoutRalph Harrison5116 
ManagerBo Hart477 
Hitting CoachCorey Hart413 
ScoutCorey Hart415 
ManagerKen Hatch665 
Hitting CoachScott Hatteberg5414 
Hitting CoachScott Hatteberg5416 
ManagerLaTroy Hawkins5118 
Hitting CoachTodd Helton508 
Hitting CoachTodd Helton5011 
ScoutRickey Henderson6512 
ScoutBen Hendrickson432 
Pitching CoachFelix Heredia485 
ManagerAlex Hernandez464 
ManagerAlfredo Hernández454 
ManagerCarlos Hernandez488 
Hitting CoachCarlos Hernandez486 
ScoutJesús Hernández545 
ManagerJorge Hernández625 
ManagerJosé Hernández5417 
Pitching CoachLivan Hernandez493 
ManagerRoberto Hernandez598 
Pitching CoachVicente Hernández444 
ManagerJunior Herndon459 
Hitting CoachAlfredo Herrera509 
ScoutRichard Hidalgo4810 
Hitting CoachRoderick Higgins610 
Pitching CoachMike Hill600 
ScoutNelson Hill320 
Pitching CoachShawn Hill427 
ManagerShea Hillenbrand4810 
ScoutSterling Hitchcock5214 
ScoutDennis Hocking5314 
ManagerJames Hoey4110 
ScoutTrevor Hoffman569 
ScoutDon Holliday611 
Hitting CoachMatt Holliday445 
Hitting CoachJerry Holmes5719 
ManagerNick Howard390 
ScoutPeter Howe453 
ManagerKao-tsu Hsu610 
Team DoctorJustin Huber559 
Pitching CoachChristian Hudson5119 
ScoutRodney Hughes602 
ScoutDave Hunt590 
Hitting CoachRafael Ibarra600 
ManagerGabriel Icaza626 
ScoutJosé Icaza610 
Hitting CoachOmar Infante426 
ScoutJoe Inglett456 
ManagerLarry Ingram625 
Pitching CoachHideki Irabu5415 
Pitching CoachKazuhisa Ishii5015 
ManagerBob Jackson630 
ManagerDamian Jackson5015 
ScoutDarrin Jackson615 
Hitting CoachEugene Jacobs370 
ScoutMike Jarrell5822 
ManagerBennett Jarrett5920 
ScoutGerald Jenkins510 
General ManagerScott Jenkins601 
Pitching CoachSean Jenkins5212 
ScoutRobin Jennings5110 
ScoutLuis Jiménez6026 
Hitting CoachAndy Johnson4811 
Hitting CoachCharles Johnson527 
ScoutMike Johnston446 
ManagerBobby Jones5415 
ScoutBobby Jones5413 
ScoutJonathon Jones655 
ManagerJustin Jones6422 
ScoutMelvin Jones651 
ScoutQuentin Jones340 
ScoutTerry Jones5313 
ManagerTerry Jones531 
Hitting CoachGabe Kapler486 
General ManagerGabe Kapler4814 
ManagerScott Karl5214 
ScoutEric Karros569 
General ManagerEric Karros5615 
Hitting CoachEric Karros5610 
ManagerEric Karros562 
ScoutAustin Kearns452 
Pitching CoachHerb Kelly635 
ManagerJason Kendall499 
Hitting CoachJason Kendall497 
ManagerJeff Keppinger434 
ManagerByung-Hyun Kim451 
ScoutMatt Kinney479 
ManagerDanny Klassen4813 
ManagerBen Knight5420 
Hitting CoachGeoffrey Knox330 
Pitching CoachBilly Koch4913 
Team DoctorSteve Koch350 
Hitting CoachMark Kotsay4810 
ScoutHsui-chuan Kuai560 
Hitting CoachMao Lai380 
Hitting CoachEric Lamb440 
Hitting CoachMike Lamb4810 
ScoutWalt Lambert506 
Hitting CoachRyan Langerhans444 
Hitting CoachRay Lankford5619 
ScoutRay Lankford565 
ScoutBrian Lawrence4710 
Hitting CoachJoe Lawrence478 
Hitting CoachJoe Lawrence472 
ManagerMatt LeCroy4811 
ManagerAaron Ledesma5213 
Pitching CoachWilfredo Ledezma435 
ScoutWilfredo Ledezma438 
ManagerBob Lee5714 
ScoutCarlos Lee478 
ManagerJudd Lee600 
ManagerSteve Lee4413 
Pitching CoachMorton Leonard5513 
Pitching CoachDavid Lester630 
ScoutFranklin Lewis688 
ManagerGreg Lewis5617 
ScoutThomas Lewis5820 
ScoutTom Lewis5318 
ScoutCory Lidle518 
Pitching CoachJon Lieber5318 
ManagerGeorge Lillard449 
ScoutJose Lima519 
ManagerRadhames Liz401 
Hitting CoachPaul Lo Duca5112 
ManagerCarlos López5110 
Hitting CoachFelipe Lopez468 
Hitting CoachFelipe Lopez468 
Hitting CoachFelipe Lopez431 
Team DoctorJorge López635 
ManagerLuis López5421 
Hitting CoachLuis Lopez5315 
ScoutLuis Lopez537 
ManagerManny López5919 
Pitching CoachRodrigo Lopez4810 
ManagerSergio López415 
ScoutMike Lovell460 
ScoutScott Lucas417 
ManagerMatt Luke529 
Hitting CoachMatt Luke528 
Hitting CoachCarlos Luna361 
ManagerTrey Lunsford447 
Hitting CoachKeith Luuloa498 
Hitting CoachMarvin MacGuffie440 
ScoutErnest MacKim6313 
ManagerRob Mackowiak4712 
Hitting CoachScott MacPherson621 
Pitching CoachScott MacRae4912 
ManagerGreg Maddux5716 
Pitching CoachMatt Mantei5010 
ScoutMike Maroth469 
ScoutRoberto Márquez370 
ManagerEli Marrero507 
Pitching CoachPat Martin610 
Pitching CoachWayne Martin630 
ScoutGabriel Martínez547 
ScoutJesús Martínez4912 
ScoutJúlio Martínez320 
Pitching CoachMario Martínez4912 
Pitching CoachRamón Martínez620 
ManagerSalvador Martínez600 
ScoutVictor Martinez4510 
ScoutOnan Masaoka464 
Team DoctorAlfonso Mata340 
Hitting CoachJaime Mateo610 
Pitching CoachTroy Mattes4810 
Team DoctorHarry Matthews620 
ManagerDave Maurer4813 
Team DoctorMillard McCauley394 
Hitting CoachDonovan McCoy643 
ManagerScott McCoy602 
ScoutQuinton McCracken5312 
Hitting CoachJohn McDonald4914 
Pitching CoachKevin McGlinchy461 
ScoutDonald Meadows550 
Hitting CoachTad Meany495 
General ManagerCisco Medina519 
ManagerJulián Meléndez5820 
ManagerBartolo Méndez488 
ManagerRamiro Mendoza5115 
ScoutNate Mercer6215 
Hitting CoachPedro Meza5618 
ScoutDan Miceli5312 
ScoutDan Miceli5314 
Hitting CoachDoug Mientkiewicz4911 
ScoutTex Miles5717 
ManagerFranklin Miller645 
ScoutSean Miller560 
Team DoctorTim Miller497 
Hitting CoachAaron Mitchell5721 
Pitching CoachDuane Mitchell382 
ScoutStephen Mitchell662 
Hitting CoachChad Moeller499 
ScoutJose Molina486 
ScoutJeff Montgomery624 
ScoutCooper Moody620 
ScoutDean Moore5616 
ManagerJimmy Moore360 
ManagerKendry Morales405 
ManagerRaúl Moreno493 
Hitting CoachJorge Morín423 
ManagerMatt Morris624 
Hitting CoachSteve Morris604 
General ManagerSteve Morris560 
ManagerWarren Morris508 
ScoutRaúl Mota5014 
Pitching CoachPeter Moylan454 
General ManagerBill Mueller5213 
ScoutEnrique Muńóz6027 
ManagerVicente Muńóz5513 
Pitching CoachSteve Murphy604 
ManagerNeal Musser4310 
ManagerMike Mussina5511 
Pitching CoachAaron Myette4613 
ManagerBlaine Neal458 
Pitching CoachJohn Newcomb422 
ScoutMike Nichols590 
Hitting CoachKevin Nicholson476 
ScoutForest Nielson410 
ManagerHideo Nomo559 
ScoutHideo Nomo553 
General ManagerGreg Norton5119 
Pitching CoachMike O'Connor434 
Pitching CoachDave O'Loan620 
Hitting CoachDavid O'Quinn6014 
ManagerAnderson O'Rorke5815 
ScoutSergio Olivas526 
Hitting CoachMagglio Ordonez509 
ScoutJorge Ortíz430 
ScoutJosé Ortíz438 
ScoutLúcio Ortíz633 
General ManagerPepe Ortíz610 
ScoutChad Orvella434 
ManagerCésar Osón5516 
Pitching CoachPedro Osorio612 
ManagerPaul Owens613 
ManagerMorris Pace6011 
Pitching CoachTony Pace450 
Team DoctorEduardo Pagán360 
ScoutChong-chun Pak530 
ScoutDan Palmer6012 
Pitching CoachChan Ho Park509 
ScoutDave Parker5818 
Pitching CoachJim Parque489 
ScoutJohn Parrish4610 
Pitching CoachDanny Patterson5310 
Pitching CoachCarl Pavano487 
ScoutJake Peavy422 
ScoutJesus Pena4811 
ScoutJosé Peńa604 
ManagerAlfonso Pérez450 
General ManagerGabriel Pérez614 
ManagerJosé Pérez5817 
ScoutJosé Pérez603 
ScoutRafael Perez415 
ScoutYorkis Perez561 
ScoutTom Peters600 
ScoutKyle Peterson477 
Hitting CoachBen Petrick464 
Hitting CoachBen Petrick463 
Pitching CoachAdam Pettyjohn464 
ScoutAdam Pettyjohn465 
ScoutBob Phillips5918 
Pitching CoachEric Phillips6310 
ManagerAdam Piatt486 
ScoutAdam Piatt4811 
General ManagerCalvin Pickering477 
Hitting CoachBrandon Pickett622 
Hitting CoachScott Podsednik477 
ScoutSidney Ponson478 
ManagerEvan Pope360 
ScoutRob Porter604 
ManagerMike Porzio515 
ScoutArnold Potts600 
ScoutJay Powell5211 
Pitching CoachJeremy Powell478 
Hitting CoachCal Price610 
ScoutBrandon Puffer486 
ManagerJ.J. Putz467 
Pitching CoachJ.J. Putz466 
ScoutGregorio Quintana5715 
ScoutGuillermo Quiroz424 
Hitting CoachAramis Ramirez455 
ScoutCurt Ramírez614 
ScoutEdwar Ramirez428 
ScoutElizardo Ramirez411 
ManagerHoracio Ramirez4410 
ScoutMarcos Ramírez614 
ScoutRamon Ramirez422 
ManagerJavier Ramos6225 
ScoutJoe Randa544 
ScoutCody Ransom488 
ManagerMorton Rasmussen684 
ManagerDarrell Rasner433 
Pitching CoachJon Rauch4511 
Pitching CoachJon Rauch455 
ManagerJohn Reavis4710 
ManagerTim Redding462 
ScoutMark Redman5011 
Hitting CoachTike Redman4612 
ManagerMike Redmond524 
ScoutErik Reid630 
Hitting CoachDesi Relaford5015 
ScoutMike Remlinger572 
ScoutOrlando Reyes320 
Pitching CoachShane Reynolds5517 
ScoutShane Reynolds555 
Pitching CoachJohn Rheinecker441 
ManagerAustin Richards343 
ScoutArmando Rios525 
ManagerDomingo Rivera420 
ScoutJosé Rivera6223 
ManagerJuan Rivera4510 
ScoutLuis Rivera5927 
ManagerBrian Roberts467 
Hitting CoachRick Roberts440 
ScoutConnor Robertson428 
ScoutFrank Robinson386 
ManagerKen Robinson610 
ScoutKerry Robinson508 
Pitching CoachZak Robinson464 
General ManagerJuan Robles570 
Pitching CoachFrancisco Rodriguez427 
Hitting CoachGuillermo Rodriguez456 
Hitting CoachHenry Rodriguez566 
ManagerIvan Rodriguez5214 
Pitching CoachJuan Rodríguez6318 
ScoutLuis Rodríguez556 
ScoutRamón Rodríguez5718 
ScoutSalvador Rodríguez6023 
ScoutWandy Rodriguez456 
ManagerAaron Rogers437 
ManagerOtis Rogers444 
Pitching CoachJose Rosado494 
ScoutJosé Rosales554 
Hitting CoachJosé Rosas427 
Hitting CoachMike Ross430 
Hitting CoachMike Ross5511 
Team DoctorEdward Rouse6221 
Hitting CoachWilliam Roy5816 
ScoutFrancisco Ruene615 
ScoutKirk Rueter537 
Pitching CoachKirk Rueter539 
Hitting CoachCarlos Ruiz4511 
Hitting CoachFélix Ruíz6019 
ManagerJim Rutledge611 
ScoutC.C Sabathia4311 
Pitching CoachJesús Salazar610 
Hitting CoachAlex Sanchez477 
ManagerFelipe Sánchez4410 
ScoutJesus Sanchez492 
Hitting CoachJosé Sánchez351 
Team DoctorJuan Sánchez481 
ManagerPedro Sánchez420 
ScoutRaúl Sánchez449 
Hitting CoachChance Sanford5120 
ScoutVictor Santos4711 
Pitching CoachLouis Saucier4912 
ManagerJoe Saunders427 
Pitching CoachTony Saunders4913 
Pitching CoachCurt Schilling578 
ScoutMike Schultz442 
ManagerAndy Scott429 
ManagerAshton Scott310 
ManagerRudy Seanez5518 
ManagerDavid Segui571 
ScoutDavid Segui572 
Hitting CoachDavid Segui5710 
ScoutDavid Segui570 
Pitching CoachDan Serafini5013 
Pitching CoachDan Serafini5017 
Pitching CoachDan Shafer468 
ScoutJon Shave562 
ScoutJon Shave565 
Hitting CoachDawson Shaw666 
Pitching CoachJeff Shaw5719 
ScoutJeff Shaw575 
ManagerBen Sheets452 
ScoutBen Sheets457 
Hitting CoachTsuyoshi Shinjo526 
ScoutCarlos Silva476 
Team DoctorJosé Silva500 
Hitting CoachBrian Simmons509 
Hitting CoachBrian Simmons507 
ManagerJason Simontacchi5013 
ScoutJason Simontacchi506 
Pitching CoachMike Sirotka5217 
Team DoctorMarc Sisk6411 
Hitting CoachMitch Skinner474 
ScoutHeathcliff Slocumb575 
ScoutConn Smith537 
ScoutDan Smith480 
Pitching CoachMilo Smith330 
ManagerPatrick Smith6419 
General ManagerWayne Smith637 
Pitching CoachNeil Smyl6323 
Hitting CoachJ.T. Snow551 
ScoutChris Snyder432 
Pitching CoachLuis Soberón435 
ScoutDong-jin Song505 
ScoutRafael Soriano440 
ManagerGuillermo Soto412 
ScoutJustin Speier503 
Hitting CoachScott Spiezio5111 
Hitting CoachScott Spiezio5110 
Hitting CoachScott Spiezio5112 
Hitting CoachScott Spiezio5114 
Hitting CoachJunior Spivey4911 
Pitching CoachPaul Spoljaric538 
ScoutEd Sprague5615 
General ManagerChris Spurling466 
ScoutLuther St. John391 
Hitting CoachFrancis Stafford630 
Pitching CoachMike Stanton5610 
ScoutRudy Steele657 
ScoutBlake Stein505 
Pitching CoachSteve Stemle463 
Pitching CoachSteve Stemle468 
ScoutDave Stevens5314 
ManagerDave Stevens538 
Pitching CoachJunior Stevens473 
Pitching CoachTanner Stevens474 
ManagerTim Stevens5922 
Team DoctorDaniel Stewart496 
Hitting CoachJeff Stewart612 
ScoutKevin Stocker5416 
Team DoctorBernie Stone6123 
ManagerDonald Strickland602 
Pitching CoachTanyon Sturtze5313 
Pitching CoachMiguel Suárez543 
Pitching CoachMatt Sullivan454 
ScoutMatt Sullivan459 
Team DoctorWilliam Swanson6424 
ScoutKazuhito Tadano436 
ScoutShingo Takatsu5514 
ScoutShingo Takatsu551 
Pitching CoachBrian Tallet466 
ManagerBrian Tallet469 
General ManagerBrian Tallet4614 
General ManagerKevin Tapani609 
Hitting CoachTony Tarasco5311 
ScoutJack Taschner458 
ManagerBilly Taylor624 
ScoutCal Taylor4811 
Pitching CoachRalph Taylor341 
Hitting CoachTom Taylor5720 
Hitting CoachMark Teixeira434 
ScoutMiguel Tejada475 
Pitching CoachMichael Tejera479 
ManagerBailey Terrón468 
ManagerAnthony Terry600 
ManagerJoachim Tessier5412 
ScoutNate Teut4713 
Hitting CoachFrank Thomas557 
ScoutFrank Thomas555 
ScoutNick Thomas600 
Pitching CoachJohn Thomson5012 
ManagerMike Thurman5012 
Pitching CoachMike Thurman5016 
ScoutBrian Tollberg5111 
General ManagerBrian Tollberg515 
Pitching CoachPedro Torres6025 
ScoutJohnathan Towns5417 
ManagerRaúl Trujillo5819 
Pitching CoachJim Tucker420 
ManagerJason Tyner461 
ManagerJason Tyner4614 
ScoutJesús Valentín423 
ScoutYohanny Valera4713 
ScoutTony Vallés5618 
ScoutJose Valverde443 
ManagerJorge Vasquez457 
ManagerMarcos Vásquez469 
ManagerPablo Vega631 
Pitching CoachJuan Jose Vélez508 
ScoutShane Victorino433 
ScoutOmar Vizquel569 
ScoutTucker Wade598 
ManagerBilly Wagner528 
ScoutBilly Wagner527 
Hitting CoachDoug Wagner416 
Team DoctorJohn Walker5910 
Hitting CoachLarry Walker572 
ManagerTodd Walker5011 
ScoutMatt Wallace611 
ScoutBrock Walsh610 
Pitching CoachChien-Ming Wang438 
ScoutDaryle Ward484 
ManagerTim Ward5219 
Pitching CoachJarrod Washburn4916 
ScoutVern Washington390 
Pitching CoachBryan Watkins5514 
ScoutPat Weaver6013 
Hitting CoachWayne Webber498 
ScoutDave Werner610 
General ManagerGabe White5221 
Pitching CoachIra White507 
Pitching CoachRick White557 
Pitching CoachRick White554 
Team DoctorAl Whitehead5312 
ManagerWilliam Whittier613 
Hitting CoachEzra Wible622 
ScoutChris Widger524 
ManagerBob Wilkerson625 
Hitting CoachJack Wilkerson644 
Pitching CoachMarc Wilkins5310 
ManagerBrad Wilkinson457 
ManagerKevin Williams647 
Pitching CoachMax Williams603 
ScoutTim Williams632 
ManagerChris Wilson436 
ScoutClark Wilson601 
Hitting CoachJack Wilson466 
ManagerJeremy Wilson5621 
ManagerPreston Wilson4911 
ScoutRick Wilson5914 
ScoutVance Wilson506 
Pitching CoachBob Wolcott507 
Pitching CoachMike Wood432 
Pitching CoachSteve Woodard488 
Pitching CoachSteve Woodard4817 
ManagerTim Worrell5615 
Hitting CoachDavid Wright418 
ScoutJamey Wright4912 
ManagerJaret Wright487 
ScoutMartin Wright6220 
ScoutMichael Wuertz456 
Pitching CoachKelly Wunsch513 
ScoutKelly Wunsch518 
Pitching CoachAntónio Yánez600 
Pitching CoachTyler Yates469 
ScoutCal Younger5820 
Hitting CoachGregg Zaun5217 
ManagerGregg Zaun5212 
Hitting CoachGregg Zaun5215 
Hitting CoachGregg Zaun529 
ManagerJulio Zuleta4812 

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