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LBSQ Double A 07-11-2030
Breaking News
Tuesday, July 9th, 2030: Razor-Sharp Stephens Blanks Howland Center
Jim Stephens was stingy with runs in his latest outing against the Elks. He shut them out 4-0 on 5 hits with 6 strikeouts and no walks.

The Saint Petersburg manager said, "Jim was very aggressive tonight. He threw everything he had with a lot of confidence."

The losing manager had praise, too. "He was throwing strikes with all his pitches and mixing it up well. Stephens has a sneaky fastball, and whatever that offspeed pitch was, it was keeping our timing off."

So far this year Stephens has made 16 starts, tossed 108.2 innings, struck out 70 batters and walked 38. His record is 6-4 with a 3.73 ERA and he has limited opposing teams to a .253 batting average.
Monday, July 8th, 2030: Hernández Slaps 5 Hits
It was a good day for the Tanks at Ballpark of Newark as they clipped the Cincinnati Stingers 14-9. It was tremendous day for António Hernández, who went on quite a hitting spree with a 5 for 5 barrage.

The Newark right fielder told reporters after his big 5-hit performance, "I don't have any buzz words. I'm not 'dialed in' or 'in a zone,' as they say. As far as the hitting goes, I try to keep it simple. I try not to look into it too much. Basically the pitcher throws the ball, I try to pick up the spin, then try to hit it. Today I picked up the spin very well."

A. Hernández singled in the 2nd, hit a two-run home run off E. López in the 3rd, singled in the 5th, hit a two-run single in the 6th and hit a solo-shot off B. Moran in the 8th.

Hernández is presently hitting at a .298 pace with 4 home runs, 22 RBIs and has scored 36 times.
Monday, July 8th, 2030: Kern Earns SL2 Player of the Week
The Sub League 2 made it official today: Tim Kern is the Player of the Week.

He really sparkled on the diamond this week with a .536 average to take home the trophy. The Huron left fielder went 15-28, drove in 11 runs, scored 7 times and hit 3 home runs.

So far this season Kern has 7 home runs and a .304 batting average.
League Leaders AVG
T. Nolan - SP
2J. MillerHIA.365
3G. BrownIH.362
4I. VelázquezGRE.358
5R. HoskinsANC.354
League Leaders HR
2 tied with
1R. CarneySP21
1F. RiveraJC21
3S. WareSP17
4H. HathawayHIA15
League Leaders RBI
H. Hathaway - HIA
2R. CarneySP77
2F. RiveraJC77
4D. MurdochSP72
5M. PérezLEA71
League Leaders W
T. Gonsolin - HUR
2F. LauWIC11
2E. ReberPAR11
4P. BarnettBRA10
46 more tied with 10
League Leaders ERA
D. Cease - OSH
2E. ReberPAR2.76
3F. LópezGAR2.89
4M. JosephHC2.90
5J. CollinsHIA2.91
League Leaders K
B. Williamson - LIG
2H. WalkerPAR119
3J. WebbIH118
4W. FisherANC111
4F. LauWIC111

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Sub League 1 Standings
Division 1WLPCTGB
Walden Knighthawks5438.587-
Paradise Proletariat4844.5226.0
Elizabet Sting Rays4250.45712.0
Garland Colossals3953.42415.0
Division 2WLPCTGB
Ligonier Skyscrapers5933.641-
Anchorage Orangemen5636.6093.0
Bakersfield Saws4052.43519.0
Lakeview Bayhawks3656.39123.0
Division 3WLPCTGB
Greensboro Sunsets6329.685-
Newark Tanks4448.47819.0
Minneapolis River Bandits4250.45721.0
Cincinnati Stingers2963.31534.0

Sub League 2 Standings
Division 1WLPCTGB
Akron Thunderbears5240.565-
Wichita Rioters5141.5541.0
Jersey City All-Stars4943.5333.0
Bradfordwoods Hooks3260.34820.0
Division 2WLPCTGB
Hialeah Federals5240.565-
Huron Bobcats4844.5224.0
Leavittsburg Golden Grizzlies3953.42413.0
Crestwood Weavers3557.38017.0
Division 3WLPCTGB
Saint Petersburg Ripsaws5141.554-
Indian Hills Shamrocks5042.5431.0
Santa Ana Sand Gnats4943.5332.0
Howland Center Elks4448.4787.0

Yesterday's Games
Sub League 1
Away TeamHome TeamResultTimeWinning PitcherLosing Pitcher
GarlandNewark10-71:05 pmM.Bennett (5-10, 3.68 ERA)A.Riley (3-3, 4.79 ERA)
WaldenLigonier6-42:05 pmM.Jacobson (4-1, 3.09 ERA)F.Domínguez (0-4, 5.91 ERA)
GreensboroElizabet3-41:05 pmJ.Unknown (0-0, 0.00 ERA)F.Vázquez (1-5, 4.17 ERA)
BakersfieldMinneapolis6-41:05 pmW.Sullivan (2-2, 2.45 ERA)N.Snyder (6-10, 4.12 ERA)
ParadiseAnchorage12-117:05 pmS.Watson (3-3, 3.73 ERA)J.Unknown (0-0, 0.00 ERA)
LakeviewCincinnati5-11:05 pmS.Frederick (7-9, 3.97 ERA)D.Beatty (8-11, 4.52 ERA)
Sub League 2
Away TeamHome TeamResultTimeWinning PitcherLosing Pitcher
Indian HillsJersey City3-21:05 pmR.Hess (2-1, 6.75 ERA)R.Tovar (3-4, 2.38 ERA)
AkronLeavittsburg9-141:05 pmD.Marshall (8-7, 4.25 ERA)R.Burch (4-10, 5.25 ERA)
BradfordwoodsWichita1-31:05 pmJ.Carr (10-5, 3.62 ERA)H.Hartley (1-6, 6.62 ERA)
CrestwoodHialeah8-111:05 pmA.López (7-2, 8.17 ERA)J.Unknown (0-0, 0.00 ERA)
Saint PetersburgHowland Center7-61:05 pmC.Ward (2-3, 4.40 ERA)A.Edgar (3-2, 2.63 ERA)
Santa AnaHuron1-71:05 pmP.Jones (9-7, 4.65 ERA)M.Martin (8-3, 3.79 ERA)
Today's Games
Sub League 1
Away TeamHome TeamTimeStarting Pitcher Away TeamStarting Pitcher Home Team
Garland (39-53, Road: 21-29)Newark (44-48, Home: 20-24)1:05 pmRHP J.Stephens (6-6, 3.70 ERA)
Walden (54-38, Road: 24-20)Ligonier (59-33, Home: 32-15)7:05 pmLHP N.Clark (3-2, 4.19 ERA)LHP R.Myers (6-6, 3.70 ERA)
Greensboro (63-29, Road: 32-18)Elizabet (42-50, Home: 25-22)3:05 pmRHP K.Fox (7-7, 3.61 ERA)RHP R.Johnston (5-8, 4.35 ERA)
Bakersfield (40-52, Road: 18-26)Minneapolis (42-50, Home: 19-28)7:05 pmRHP T.Byers (0-1, 3.86 ERA)LHP J.Curry (1-0, 6.08 ERA)
Paradise (48-44, Road: 22-25)Anchorage (56-36, Home: 37-10)3:05 pmRHP H.Walker (7-7, 4.05 ERA)RHP J.Jackson (5-5, 4.11 ERA)
Lakeview (36-56, Road: 16-28)Cincinnati (29-63, Home: 16-31)2:05 pmLHP M.Sandoval (9-8, 3.62 ERA)RHP E.López (5-11, 7.16 ERA)
Sub League 2
Away TeamHome TeamTimeStarting Pitcher Away TeamStarting Pitcher Home Team
Indian Hills (50-42, Road: 26-24)Jersey City (49-43, Home: 25-19)7:05 pmRHP M.White (10-10, 5.71 ERA)LHP F.Castro (8-4, 3.30 ERA)
Akron (52-40, Road: 22-22)Leavittsburg (39-53, Home: 23-24)7:05 pmRHP R.Chapman (7-5, 5.42 ERA)LHP J.Campbell (6-5, 4.38 ERA)
Bradfordwoods (32-60, Road: 20-30)Wichita (51-41, Home: 25-22)1:05 pmLHP P.Barnett (10-4, 3.24 ERA)LHP F.Lau (11-5, 3.63 ERA)
Crestwood (35-57, Road: 11-33)Hialeah (52-40, Home: 25-22)1:05 pmRHP M.Meyer (3-0, 2.13 ERA)LHP L.Vega (3-6, 7.05 ERA)
Saint Petersburg (51-41, Road: 23-24)Howland Center (44-48, Home: 21-26)7:05 pmLHP M.Moody (6-5, 4.66 ERA)RHP I.Lahlou (0-2, 5.88 ERA)
Santa Ana (49-43, Road: 20-24)Huron (48-44, Home: 23-24)3:05 pmLHP E.Brooks (5-3, 4.48 ERA)RHP T.Gonsolin (12-5, 3.02 ERA)

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