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Player Report for #36 Alexis Rios
Saturday, October 31st, 2009
Name:Alexis RiosContract:None
Birthday:02-18-1981Signed Through:
Age:28Years of Major League Service:3 Years, 126 Days
Born in:UnknownMajor League Service Days this Year:None
Height:6' 5"Years on 40-Man Roster:4 Years, 126 Days
Weight:196 lbsYears of Pro Service:6 Years
  Arbitration Eligibility:Arbitration eligible in offseason
Position:RFMinor League Option Years:1 option year left
Throws:RightContract Extension -
Status:Completely RestedDrafted2003, 21st Pick in Round 1
Morale:NormalLocal Popularity (National)Unknown (Unknown)
Batting Ratings (SISA)
BattingContactGapPowerDiscipline/EyeAvoid K's 
Versus LHP3256372061 
Versus RHP2756372061 
Running & Bunting Ratings  Fielding Ratings
Running Speed:53 Left Field 22 (Arm: 79)
Stealing Ability:72 Center Field 22 (Arm: 79)
Baserunning Instincts:89 Right Field 76 (Arm: 79)
Sacrifice Bunt:96 
Bunt for Hit:12 
Hitter Type:Normal 
Game Log, Last 10 Games
Career Batting Stats
2003 New York - LBSQ22105301841922293026143653.279.334.375.710-1.8
2004 New York - LBSQ2369303761822214021105065.251.302.343.645-17.7
2004 New York - LBSQ23581293991191312012711.302.359.411.7700.7
2004 Total - LBSQ231274321152733305333117776.266.319.363.682-17.0
2005 Baltimore - LBSQ24122267701512263520234384.262.315.348.663-2.1
2006 New York - LBSQ25112326792555354925435441.242.302.396.697-3.1
Total LBSQ4 yrs.46613263488611121201671048112102414.262.317.371.689-24.1
Career Minor League Batting Stats
2003 Spokane - AAA2251190661130252914002023.347.392.437.82912.5
2004 Spokane - AAA23727502007400500.185.290.333.624-0.5
2007 Spokane - AAA2644962984114145101161.302.343.500.8439.0
2008 Pittsfield - R2743100001100000.333.500.333.8330.3
2008 Estes Park - A2780220541843443116321652.245.303.405.7074.2
Total LBSQAAA1023131001991395023103684.319.368.447.81521.0
Total LBSQA80220541843443116321652.245.303.405.7074.2
Total LBSQR43100001100000.333.500.333.8330.3
Career Postseason Batting Stats
2003 New York - LBSQ2225200001200100.400.571.400.9710.0
2005 Baltimore - LBSQ2413100000000000.333.333.333.6670.0
Total LBSQ38300001200100.375.500.375.8750.0
Career Fielding Stats
2003 New York - MLRF8984150911634.975725.21.97
2003 New York - MLCF44900901.00035.02.31
2004 New York - MLRF312542504701.000226.11.87
2004 New York - MLCF53600601.00030.21.76
2004 New York - MLRF5656121411272.984496.02.27
2004 New York - MLCF1000000.0007.00.00
2004 New York - MLLF111121322401.000101.02.14
2005 Baltimore - MLRF635286308901.000435.11.84
2005 Baltimore - MLCF10921002101.00080.02.36
2005 Baltimore - MLC10100101.0001.09.000000.0
2005 Baltimore - MLLF53700701.00030.22.05
2005 Baltimore - ML2B1000000.0003.00.00
2006 New York - MLCF1651410172.88265.22.06
2006 New York - MLLF251330003001.000134.12.01
2006 New York - MLRF6059110301141.991501.12.03
Player History
03-04-2003Drafted in the 2003 first-year player draft (Round 1, Pick 21, 21st overall Pick) by the New York Yankees.
03-04-2003Released by the New York organization.
09-01-2003Wins the LBSQ AL Rookie of the Month Award.
11-17-2003Received a 1-year contract worth a total of $276,451 through automatic renewal.
01-01-2004SISA scouting updated ratings (potential): Contact: 59 (61); Power: 17 (58); Eye: 46 (45).
07-12-2004Was traded by the New York Yankees to the New York Mets, along with SS E. Aldridge, SP D. James, MR K. Simpson, a 1st draft pick, a 3rd draft pick, in exchange for SP D. Gonzalez, 3B E. Munten.
11-21-2004Received a 1-year contract worth a total of $276,451 through automatic renewal.
12-06-2004Was traded by the New York Mets to the Baltimore Orioles, along with a 3rd draft pick, in exchange for 1B J. Thome, a 2nd draft pick, a 3rd draft pick, a 3rd draft pick.
01-01-2005SISA scouting updated ratings (potential): Contact: 54 (61); Power: 17 (58); Eye: 47 (45).
03-08-2005Injured (bruised ankle), day-to-day for 3 days.
11-21-2005Received a 1-year contract worth a total of $276,451 through automatic renewal.
01-01-2006SISA scouting updated ratings (potential): Contact: 51 (47); Power: 22 (58); Eye: 43 (33).
03-04-2006Was traded by the Baltimore Orioles to the New York Yankees, along with 2B S. Hairston, in exchange for SP C. Carpenter, C G. Quiroz, CF T. Redman.
07-02-2006Injured (bruised ankle), day-to-day for 5 days.
11-20-2006Received a 1-year contract worth a total of $276,451 through arbitration.
01-01-2007SISA scouting updated ratings (potential): Contact: 41 (27); Power: 28 (40); Eye: 35 (17).
01-01-2008SISA scouting updated ratings (potential): Contact: 40 (27); Power: 32 (40); Eye: 31 (17).
03-21-2008Released by the New York organization.
04-15-2008Signed a 0-year minor league contract with the Chicago White Sox organization.
01-01-2009SISA scouting updated ratings (potential): Contact: 31 (27); Power: 36 (40); Eye: 22 (17).
04-13-2009Released by the Chicago organization.

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