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Player Report for #41 Nick Tapley
Monday, April 7th, 2014
Name:Nick TapleyContract:Major League Contract
Birthday:12-08-1990Signed Through:2014 Season
Age:23Years of Major League Service:None, 44 Days
Born in:Fredonia (Wisconsin)Major League Service Days this Year:1 Day
Height:6' 0"Years on 40-Man Roster:1 Year, 1 Day
Weight:190 lbsYears of Pro Service:6 Years
  Arbitration Eligibility:Not yet eligible
Position:MRMinor League Option Years:2 option years left
Throws:LeftContract Extension -
Status:Completely RestedDrafted2008, 9th Pick in Round 10
Morale:NormalLocal Popularity (National)Unknown (Unknown)
Pitching Ratings (SISA)
Overall41644284-86 Mph 
Versus LHP416442 
Versus RHP416442 
Pitching Ratings  Pitches:Fastball, Slider, Cutter, Sinker
Groundball Pct.:46   
Holding Runners:73   
Batting Ratings (SISA)
BattingContactGapPowerDiscipline/EyeAvoid K's 
Versus LHP917241 
Versus RHP815241 
Running & Bunting Ratings  Fielding Ratings
Running Speed:10 Pitcher 63
Stealing Ability:17 
Baserunning Instincts:41 
Sacrifice Bunt:48 
Bunt for Hit:8 
Hitter Type:Normal 
Game Log, Last 10 Games
04-01-2014@ MINLoss, 3-93.211123       
03-29-2014@ BOSLoss, 5-120.200010       
03-12-2014 NYYWin, 13-23.110013       
Career Pitching Stats
2013 Colorado - LBSQ221801105.4026.226201631922001.69.3036.0
Total LBSQ1 yrs.1801105.4026.226201631922001.69.3036.0
Career Minor League Pitching Stats
2008 Dexter - R17601123.388.0633032001.13.2141.3
2009 Nipomo - A184406482.7446.044161421536001.28.30411.2
2010 Nipomo - A194304182.5239.140141101433001.37.33611.5
2011 Elizabet - AA2047028263.0247.245221661649001.28.30213.1
2012 Elizabet - AA2144042252.8840.244161321633001.48.32312.3
2013 Oshkosh - AAA2259064124.4670.272353562552001.37.3066.1
Total LBSQAAA59064124.4670.272353562552001.37.3066.1
Total LBSQAA910610512.9588.189382983282001.37.31325.4
Total LBSQA870105162.6485.184302522969001.32.31922.7
Total LBSQR601123.388.0633032001.13.2141.3
Career Fielding Stats
2013 Colorado - MLP180400401.00026.21.35
Player History
03-03-2008Drafted in the 2008 first-year player draft (Round 10, Pick 9, 225th overall Pick) by the Houston Astros.
01-01-2009SISA scouting updated ratings (potential): Stuff: 46 (61); Movement: 20 (51); Control: 9 (46).
05-31-2009Was selected to the 2009 LBSQ Single A All-Star Game.
07-11-2009Injured (tender elbow), day-to-day for 2 weeks.
01-01-2010SISA scouting updated ratings (potential): Stuff: 57 (55); Movement: 35 (63); Control: 17 (63).
05-31-2010Was selected to the 2010 LBSQ Single A All-Star Game.
01-01-2011SISA scouting updated ratings (potential): Stuff: 57 (55); Movement: 44 (63); Control: 24 (63).
03-03-2011Was traded by the Houston Astros to the Colorado Rockies, along with SP Y. Darvish, RF S. Wilkins, CF B. Jillings, in exchange for 3B T. Plouffe, RF B. Harper.
01-01-2012SISA scouting updated ratings (potential): Stuff: 57 (55); Movement: 53 (63); Control: 34 (63).
04-22-2012Injured (strained bicep muscle), day-to-day for 2 weeks.
05-31-2012Was selected to the 2012 LBSQ Double A All-Star Game.
07-23-2012Injured (finger blister), out for 1-2 weeks.
01-01-2013SISA scouting updated ratings (potential): Stuff: 57 (55); Movement: 65 (63); Control: 42 (63).
06-04-2013Was selected to the 2013 LBSQ Triple A All-Star Game.
11-18-2013Received a 1-year contract worth a total of $276,451 through automatic renewal.
01-01-2014SISA scouting updated ratings (potential): Stuff: 42 (12); Movement: 64 (60); Control: 42 (49).
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