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Player Report for #13 Darby Fielding
Saturday, March 1st, 2031
Name:Darby FieldingContract:Minor League Contract
Birthday:11-09-2003Signed Through:
Age:27Years of Major League Service:None, 8 Days
Born in:Oshawa (Ontario)Major League Service Days this Year:None
Height:6' 0"Years on 40-Man Roster:2 Years, None
Weight:222 lbsYears of Pro Service:6 Years
  Arbitration Eligibility:Not yet eligible
Position:1BMinor League Option Years:1 option year left
Throws:RightContract Extension -
Status:Completely RestedDrafted2025, 24th Pick in Round 2
Morale:NormalLocal Popularity (National)Unknown (Unknown)
Huntington Beach
Batting Ratings (SISA)
BattingContactGapPowerDiscipline/EyeAvoid K's 
Versus LHP4758746231 
Versus RHP4758726231 
Running & Bunting Ratings  Fielding Ratings
Running Speed:57 First Base 44
Stealing Ability:67 
Baserunning Instincts:68 
Sacrifice Bunt:97 
Bunt for Hit:13 
Hitter Type:Spray Hitter 
Game Log, Last 10 Games
Career Batting Stats
2030 Floride - LBSQ266231010495200530.435.4801.0001.4808.3
Total LBSQ1 yrs.6231010495200530.435.4801.0001.4808.3
Career Minor League Batting Stats
2025 Montgomery - R2162157521032192320221642.331.409.471.88013.8
2025 Tulsa - A213815344722231713022921.288.339.399.7384.1
2026 Tulsa - A22116449124287207478561871153.276.352.503.85528.0
2027 Tulsa - A2335144501207242815101811.347.412.576.98916.6
2027 Akron - AA2383307721739514439045020.235.317.397.7152.6
2028 Akron - AA24532127212617674621233640.340.399.6931.09334.7
2028 Huntington Beach - AAA2457143497018494216122741.343.407.7691.17728.8
2029 Huntington Beach - AAA25249023712121412021600.256.337.422.7592.1
2030 Huntington Beach - AAA261263971362334211187541670911.343.417.7331.15073.2
Total LBSQAAA20763020837462172143822101131312.330.403.6971.100104.1
Total LBSQAA136519144299261189060278660.277.350.518.86937.3
Total LBSQA1897462184792912112384210118185.292.361.496.85748.6
Total LBSQR62157521032192320221642.331.409.471.88013.8
Career Fielding Stats
2030 Floride - MLDH6600000.0000.00.00
Player History
03-01-2025Drafted in the 2025 first-year player draft (Round 2, Pick 24, 48th overall Pick) by the Floride Marlins.
01-01-2026SISA scouting updated ratings (potential): Contact: 32 (43); Power: 42 (83); Eye: 30 (53).
05-01-2026Wins the LBSQA SL1 Batter of the Month Award.
05-31-2026Was selected to the 2026 LBSQ Single A All-Star Game.
01-01-2027SISA scouting updated ratings (potential): Contact: 33 (48); Power: 46 (83); Eye: 33 (57).
01-01-2028SISA scouting updated ratings (potential): Contact: 43 (53); Power: 60 (83); Eye: 39 (59).
05-01-2028Wins the LBSQAA SL2 Batter of the Month Award.
05-29-2028Wins the LBSQAA SL2 Player of the Week Award.
09-15-2028Won the 2028 LBSQ Triple A Round 3 with the Huntington Beach Tigersharks!
01-01-2029SISA scouting updated ratings (potential): Contact: 49 (53); Power: 84 (83); Eye: 42 (59).
04-25-2029Injured (torn posterior cruciate ligament), out for 7 months.
01-01-2030SISA scouting updated ratings (potential): Contact: 48 (48); Power: 75 (70); Eye: 53 (59).
06-03-2030Hits three home runs against the Riverside Gamma Rays, going 4-4 with 5 RBI and 3 runs scored!
06-08-2030Goes 5-5 against the Eudora Nauticals, with 1 2B, 1 HR, 4 RBI and 3 R.
06-10-2030Wins the LBSQAAA SL1 Player of the Week Award.
07-01-2030Wins the LBSQAAA SL1 Batter of the Month Award.
07-29-2030Wins the LBSQAAA SL1 Player of the Week Award.
08-05-2030Wins the LBSQAAA SL1 Player of the Week Award.
09-25-2030Hits three home runs against the Cleveland Indians, going 3-4 with 4 RBI and 3 runs scored!
01-01-2031SISA scouting updated ratings (potential): Contact: 48 (48); Power: 72 (70); Eye: 62 (59).

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