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Seattle Mariners 10-04-2022
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Wednesday, September 21st, 2022: Alcantara Cracks 3 HR for Athletics!
Bombs away!

Oakland bombardier Arismendy Alcantara set his sights on the stands and blasted three balls over the fence in a 12-11 win over the Seattle Mariners.

It was a powerful performance that should keep the fans at Oakland Coliseum buzzing for days.

He spoke to the writers in the postgame press room and said, "I guess you could say I was a good guesser today...especially on the last one...I was ahead in the count, so I got set for a certain pitch...and got it...all of it."

For the game the Oakland second baseman had 4 hits in 4 at-bats, drove in 8 and scored 4 runs.

A. Alcantara hit a two-run home run off T. Simmons in the 1st, hit a two-run home run off T. Simmons in the 4th, singled in the 6th, hit a three-run home run off T. Watson in the 7th and walked in a run in the 8th.

In 2022 Alcantara is batting .268 with 128 hits, 31 home runs, 94 RBIs, 38 walks, .341 OBP and has scored 82 runs. He has played in 125 games.
Monday, September 5th, 2022: Carter Spins Shutout
Chicago rode the magical arm of Mike Carter in a 5-0 shutout win over Seattle. He shackled them on 2 hits and fanned 9. Almost to a man, the Seattle Mariners said he had them guessing wrong all game long.

Checking out his stats for the season, Carter has racked up 17 wins and 8 losses in 30 starts, 4.04 ERA and struck out 185 batters in 189.1 innings.
Thursday, July 28th, 2022: Qi-chen Yun Suffers Injury
Qi-chen Yun and the Seattle Mariners got a bad break in today's game against the Astros as the team confirmed he will miss one week with a sprained ankle. The Mariners shortstop suffered the injury running the bases. The team doctor is confident he'll make a full recovery.

Yun is hitting .250 in 2022 with 23 RBIs and 7 home runs.
Team Leaders AVG
X. Bogaerts
2K. BryantSEA.325
3D. PompeySEA.294
4B. BradleySEA.291
5L. RangelSEA.282
Team Leaders HR
D. Pompey
2K. BryantSEA23
3B. BradleySEA21
4L. RangelSEA17
5S. WilkinsSEA12
Team Leaders RBI
D. Pompey
2K. BryantSEA107
3X. BogaertsSEA89
3L. RangelSEA89
5F. SmithSEA64
Team Leaders W
T. Simmons
2G. DavisSEA7
2R. McCoySEA7
2M. WichettSEA7
5E. ColemanSEA6
Team Leaders ERA
T. Simmons
Team Leaders K
D. Black
2G. DavisSEA95
3R. TeperaSEA93
4R. McCoySEA91
5M. WichettSEA89
Pitching Staff
StarterREldon Odom0625.41 
StarterRDouglas Black41405.78 
StarterRTravis Simmons121106.17 
StarterRRalph McCoy71106.17 
StarterRMike Wichett71206.95 
StarterRMax Scherzer4816.26 
Spot StarterREd Coleman61206.61 
MopupREd Coleman61206.61 
Middle RelieverRJustin Washington0005.00 
Middle RelieverLNathan Harding0005.06 
Middle RelieverRGreg Davis7326.28 
Middle RelieverLTony Watson3219.22 
Setup RelieverLAlfredo Matos0007.36 
Setup RelieverRJuan Ríos0000.00 
Setup RelieverRHuston Street4664.48 
Setup RelieverRRyan Tepera4517.91 
CloserLFloyd Moore32174.39 
CloserREdwin Diaz03110.39 

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Minor League System

Division OuestWLPCTGB
San Francisco Giants9173.555-
Houston Astros9074.5491.0
Chicago Cubs8975.5432.0
Los Angeles Dodgers8379.5127.0
Oakland Athletics6894.42022.0
Seattle Mariners62100.38328.0

Team Information
Record overall62-100, .383 PCT
Position in Division6th, 28.0 GB
Record at home33-48, .407 PCT
Record on the road29-52, .358 PCT
Record in X-inning games4-8, .333 PCT
Record in one-run games17-27, .386 PCT
Record versus LHP17-34, .333 PCT
Record versus RHP45-66, .405 PCT
Record last 10 games4-6, .400 PCT
Record in April8-16, .333 PCT
Record in May13-15, .464 PCT
Record in June9-19, .321 PCT
Record in July12-15, .444 PCT
Record in August11-15, .423 PCT
Record in September8-19, .296 PCT
Record in October1-1, .500 PCT

Team Batting Stats & Rankings
Batting Average.279 - 10th in NL
On-Base Percentage.354 - 9th in NL
Slugging Percentage.442 - 12th in NL
On-Base + Slugging.796 - 12th in NL
Runs Scored883 - 12th in NL
Hits1586 - 9th in NL
Extra-Base Hits532 - 12th in NL
Home Runs176 - 12th in NL
Bases-On-Balls617 - 6th in NL
Strikeouts924 - 6th in NL
Stolen Bases211 - 2nd in NL

Team Pitching Stats & Rankings
Earned Run Average 6.40 - 11th in NL
Starters' ERA6.49 - 11th in NL
Bullpen ERA6.28 - 9th in NL
Runs allowed1085 - 10th in NL
Hits allowed1728 - 11th in NL
Opponents AVG.298 - 11th in NL
BABIP.312 - 7th in NL
Home Runs allowed287 - 11th in NL
Bases-On-Balls610 - 8th in NL
Strikeouts891 - 9th in NL

Minor League System
Saint Paul Buckshots (AAA)
Bakersfield Saws (AA)
Park Hills Springers (A)
Charleston Raccoons (R)

Lineups Overview
#BLineup vs RHPPOS #BLineup vs LHPPOS #BLineup vs RHP+DHPOS #BLineup vs LHP+DHPOS 
1RForrest Smith2B  1RXander BogaertsSS 1SQi-chen YunDH 
2RXander BogaertsSS  2RKris Bryant3B 2RXander BogaertsSS 
3RKris Bryant3B  3LDalton PompeyCF 3RKris Bryant3B 
4LDalton PompeyCF  4LLúcio Rangel1B 4LDalton PompeyCF 
5LLúcio Rangel1B  5RSherman WilkinsDH 5LLúcio Rangel1B 
6LBrian BradleyLF  6LBrian BradleyRF 6RSherman WilkinsRF 
7RSherman WilkinsRF  7RCristóbal PadillaLF 7LBrian BradleyLF 
8RJosé GonzálesC  8RJosé GonzálesC 8RTravis D'ArnaudC 
  9RForrest Smith2B 9RForrest Smith2B 

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