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Seattle Mariners 07-21-2031
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Saturday, June 21st, 2031: Meadows Slams 5 Hits for Montreal
Austin Meadows of the Expos was unstoppable in today's 12-6 victory over the Seattle Mariners at Labatt Stadium. He battered them for 5 hits in 5 at-bats.

"Boy, I was on the mark today," said the Montreal right fielder after the game. "All I had to do was swing, and I connected. It's a great feeling to do this. And besides, 5-5 won't hurt your batting average like 0-5 will."

A. Meadows doubled in the 2nd, doubled in the 4th, singled in the 6th, hit a solo-shot off P. Bingham in the 7th and hit an RBI single in the 8th.

This year Meadows is hitting .294 with 24 home runs and 63 RBIs to his credit. He has gotten on base at a .333 clip and scored 52 runs.
Wednesday, June 11th, 2031: Scott Hot, Rangers Cold
Greg Scott was sneaky fast, on the mark and hard to hit today. He blanked the Texas Rangers 7-0 on 4 hits and had 2 walks and 8 strikeouts.

"You know what he's going to throw. You know what to expect. And you still can't hit it," the Texas skipper told reporters after the shutout loss to the Seattle Mariners.

"He just had a real deceiving fastball today and he was throwing it for strikes."

Thursday, May 15th, 2031: 3-year Deal for Padilla
Cristóbal Padilla and Seattle have come to an agreement keeping the left fielder in a Mariners uniform for another 3 years.

The deal is worth $9,000,000 and a formal press conference has been scheduled for tomorrow.

In 2031 Padilla is hitting .161, batted in 7 runs with 1 home run and 4 runs scored.
Team Leaders AVG
Y. Alvarez
2C. TaylorSEA.304
3M. KaiserSEA.300
4P. BowdenSEA.288
5K. BryantSEA.284
Team Leaders HR
C. Taylor
2Y. AlvarezSEA29
3P. BowdenSEA16
4J. MoraSEA13
52 tied with 9
Team Leaders RBI
C. Taylor
2Y. AlvarezSEA75
3P. BowdenSEA63
4B. GriggsSEA45
5T. StorySEA44
Team Leaders W
E. Maynard
2I. AndersonSEA4
2M. AustinSEA4
2C. DeckerSEA4
2R. TeperaSEA4
Team Leaders ERA
E. Maynard
2I. AndersonSEA6.10
Team Leaders K
E. Maynard
2I. AndersonSEA88
3P. MorenoSEA59
4W. JarvisSEA55
5R. TeperaSEA45
PlayerInjuryOut for...Disabled List Status
P Ramón Pérezruptured disc (back)3 monthsOn DL, eligible for return (60-day DL)
Pitching Staff
StarterRHisashi Iwakuma0106.40 
StarterRIan Anderson4906.10 
StarterREric Maynard7805.45 
StarterRPedro Moreno3807.43 
StarterRGreg Scott2206.02 
Middle RelieverRWalt Jarvis2215.47 
Middle RelieverRPatrick Bingham0019.19 
Middle RelieverRJuan Mendoza0247.50 
Setup RelieverRJohn Veeck0109.64 
Setup RelieverRRyan Tepera4546.67 
Setup RelieverRNoriaki Yamashita1008.31 
CloserLAlfredo Matos31134.23 
CloserRJuan Mendoza0247.50 

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Minor League System

Division OuestWLPCTGB
San Francisco Giants5239.571-
Chicago Cubs5240.565.5
Los Angeles Dodgers4348.4739.0
Oakland Athletics3754.40715.0
Seattle Mariners3855.40915.0
Houston Astros3656.39116.5

Team Information
Record overall38-55, .409 PCT
Position in Division5th, 15.0 GB
Record at home21-29, .420 PCT
Record on the road17-26, .395 PCT
Record in X-inning games3-3, .500 PCT
Record in one-run games11-5, .688 PCT
Record versus LHP10-10, .500 PCT
Record versus RHP28-45, .384 PCT
Record last 10 games4-6, .400 PCT
Record in April11-10, .524 PCT
Record in May13-15, .464 PCT
Record in June8-19, .296 PCT
Record in July6-11, .353 PCT

Team Batting Stats & Rankings
Batting Average.282 - 8th in NL
On-Base Percentage.352 - 11th in NL
Slugging Percentage.485 - 6th in NL
On-Base + Slugging.838 - 9th in NL
Runs Scored559 - 11th in NL
Hits931 - 7th in NL
Extra-Base Hits362 - 5th in NL
Home Runs139 - 7th in NL
Bases-On-Balls331 - 11th in NL
Strikeouts615 - 9th in NL
Stolen Bases93 - 4th in NL

Team Pitching Stats & Rankings
Earned Run Average 7.15 - 12th in NL
Starters' ERA6.85 - 11th in NL
Bullpen ERA7.62 - 12th in NL
Runs allowed719 - 12th in NL
Hits allowed1043 - 12th in NL
Opponents AVG.307 - 12th in NL
BABIP.337 - 11th in NL
Home Runs allowed160 - 11th in NL
Bases-On-Balls448 - 10th in NL
Strikeouts613 - 3rd in NL

Minor League System
Saint Paul Buckshots (AAA)
Bakersfield Saws (AA)
Park Hills Springers (A)
Charleston Raccoons (R)

Lineups Overview
#BLineup vs RHPPOS #BLineup vs LHPPOS #BLineup vs RHP+DHPOS #BLineup vs LHP+DHPOS 
  1RMark KaiserCF 1RMark KaiserCF 
  2RTrevor Story2B 2RTrevor Story2B 
  3LYordan AlvarezLF 3LYordan AlvarezLF 
  4RChris TaylorRF 4RChris TaylorRF 
  5SPete BowdenDH 5SPete BowdenDH 
  6LJosé Mora1B 6LJosé Mora1B 
  7RKris Bryant3B 7RKris Bryant3B 
  8RXander BogaertsSS 8RXander BogaertsSS 
  9RBrent GriggsC 9RBrent GriggsC 

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