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Texas Rangers 04-07-2031
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Breaking News
Sunday, March 9th, 2031: Rishworth Injured, Out of Lineup 1-2 Weeks
"It was kinda freaky. Hopefully, I'll be back in the lineup soon," said a dejected Cecil Rishworth after injuring himself in a game against Anaheim. The Texas manager told SION reporters, "He will miss up to 1-2 weeks with back spasms." The Rangers will have to decide over the next day or two whether the closer will go on the disabled list.

Monday, December 30th, 2030: 2B Parker Signs $71,140,000 Contract with Texas
In a move expected to bring depth to the Rangers, Texas brass announced the signing today of second baseman Greg Parker.

Parker will be pocketing $17,785,000 per season, an amount some SION analysts think might be too high.

Career to date Parker is hitting .287 with a total of 188 home runs.
Wednesday, December 25th, 2030: 2B Rutledge Selects Texas's $17,460,000 Bid
SION reports that the Texas Rangers have just agreed with second baseman Josh Rutledge on a contract, signing the free agent to a $17,460,000 deal for 1 year.

Sources indicate that both sides are happy with the deal and look forward to a productive future.

In his 2297-game career Rutledge is batting .339 with 2981 hits, 401 home runs, 1821 runs scored and 1794 RBIs.
Pitching Staff
StarterRJose Berrios0000.00 
StarterRRoger Maloney0000.00 
StarterREd Briviesca0000.00 
StarterRGregg West0000.00 
StarterRChristian Woods0000.00 
StarterLBill Potter0000.00 
MopupRStanley Acuna Jr0000.00 
MopupLVictor Hunter0000.00 
Middle RelieverRJohn Davis0000.00 
Middle RelieverRJosé Gozalo0000.00 
Middle RelieverRCoy Green0000.00 
Middle RelieverRRay Simons0000.00 
Setup RelieverRChris Baker0000.00 
Setup RelieverLWilson Trevino0000.00 
Setup RelieverRScott Nelson0000.00 
CloserRCecil Rishworth0000.00 

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Minor League System

Division CentraleWLPCTGB
Baltimore Orioles00.000-
Chicago White Sox00.000-
Detroit Tigers00.000-
Minnesota Twins00.000-
St. Louis Cardinals00.000-
Texas Rangers00.000-

Team Information
Record overall0-0, .000 PCT
Position in Division1st, - GB
Record at home0-0, .000 PCT
Record on the road0-0, .000 PCT
Record in X-inning games0-0, .000 PCT
Record in one-run games0-0, .000 PCT
Record versus LHP0-0, .000 PCT
Record versus RHP0-0, .000 PCT
Record last 10 games0-0, .000 PCT

Team Batting Stats & Rankings
Batting Average.000 - tied for 1st in AL
On-Base Percentage.000 - tied for 1st in AL
Slugging Percentage.000 - tied for 1st in AL
On-Base + Slugging.000 - tied for 1st in AL
Runs Scored0 - tied for 1st in AL
Hits0 - tied for 1st in AL
Extra-Base Hits0 - tied for 1st in AL
Home Runs0 - tied for 1st in AL
Bases-On-Balls0 - tied for 1st in AL
Strikeouts0 - tied for 1st in AL
Stolen Bases0 - tied for 1st in AL

Team Pitching Stats & Rankings
Earned Run Average 0.00 - tied for 1st in AL
Starters' ERA0.00 - tied for 1st in AL
Bullpen ERA0.00 - tied for 1st in AL
Runs allowed0 - tied for 1st in AL
Hits allowed0 - tied for 1st in AL
Opponents AVG.000 - tied for 1st in AL
BABIP.000 - tied for 1st in AL
Home Runs allowed0 - tied for 1st in AL
Bases-On-Balls0 - tied for 1st in AL
Strikeouts0 - tied for 1st in AL

Minor League System
Corpus Christi Skyline (AAA)
Santa Ana Sand Gnats (AA)
Tifton Braves (A)
Minneapolis Warlords (R)

Lineups Overview
#BLineup vs RHPPOS #BLineup vs LHPPOS #BLineup vs RHP+DHPOS #BLineup vs LHP+DHPOS 
1RTim HicksCF 1RTim HicksCF 1RTim HicksCF 1RTim HicksCF 
2SDylan CarlsonRF 2SDylan CarlsonLF 2LJarred KelenicLF 2SDylan CarlsonLF 
3RJosh Rutledge2B 3RJosh Rutledge2B 3RJosh Rutledge2B 3RJosh Rutledge2B 
4RDaniel Robertson1B 4RDaniel Robertson1B 4RDaniel Robertson1B 4RDaniel Robertson1B 
5RGreg Parker3B 5RGreg Parker3B 5RGreg Parker3B 5RGreg Parker3B 
6LRoy ColeLF 6RTom RichardsC 6LRoy ColeDH 6LRoy ColeDH 
7RTom RichardsC 7RTodd FrazierRF 7RTom RichardsC 7RTom RichardsC 
8RManny EstradaSS 8RManny EstradaSS 8SDylan CarlsonRF 8RTodd FrazierRF 
  9RManny EstradaSS 9RManny EstradaSS 

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