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Texas Rangers 10-02-2034
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Sunday, October 1st, 2034: September Sensation AL's Best Rookie
Mike Melton moved to the head of the class today as the 27-year-old first baseman for Texas bagged the American Rookie of the Month trophy for September.

Over that stretch Melton batted .333 with 36 hits in 108 at-bats, collecting 10 home runs, 25 RBIs and 18 runs scored.

Melton is batting .325 this season in 153 games with 60 home runs, 167 RBIs and 118 runs scored. He has 201 hits in 618 at-bats.
Sunday, September 10th, 2034: Hayes 5-5 Against Rangers
"Ever since I picked up my first bat my coaches were always saying to keep your eye on the ball, don't overswing... just make contact and ya never know what'll happen," Boston's Ke'Bryan Hayes told reporters after the game. "That's all I did today. I made contact and it turned out well."

It definitely turn out well for Hayes today as he collected 5 hits in 5 at-bats against Texas. It turned out well for his team, too, as the Red Sox knocked off the Rangers 12-2 at Fenway Park II.

K. Hayes singled in the 1st, hit a solo-shot off S. Turnbull in the 3rd, doubled in the 4th, singled in the 6th and hit a three-run home run off R. Simons in the 8th.

This season Hayes has delivered 170 hits in 506 at-bats for a .336 average with 15 home runs. He is getting on base at a .398 clip and his totals also include 73 RBIs and 108 runs scored. This year Hayes has played in 126 games.
Thursday, September 7th, 2034: Jordan on a Tear, Hits for the Cycle
The Red Sox Randy Jordan had one of the best days of his career today, when he hit for the cycle and paved the way for the Boston 21-5 win over the Texas Rangers. He shelled them for 4 hits in 5 at-bats, hit for the cycle and collected 6 runs batted in and scored 4 runs. The game was played at Fenway Park II.

This year Jordan has hit at a .306 clip with 157 hits, 17 home runs, 104 RBIs and 80 runs scored.
Team Leaders AVG
D. Watson
2M. MeltonTEX.327
3H. ByersTEX.323
4D. CarlsonTEX.319
5J. KelenicTEX.312
Team Leaders HR
M. Melton
2B. BrowneTEX41
3H. ByersTEX36
4G. ParkerTEX30
52 tied with 29
Team Leaders RBI
M. Melton
2G. ParkerTEX142
3H. ByersTEX121
4D. CarlsonTEX94
5B. BrowneTEX91
Team Leaders W
J. Duke
2J. BerriosTEX11
2J. HollidayTEX11
4R. ClementeTEX9
4R. DorseyTEX9
Team Leaders ERA
J. Berrios
2J. DukeTEX5.91
3J. HollidayTEX6.76
4R. DorseyTEX7.04
Team Leaders K
2 tied with
1R. DorseyTEX131
1J. HollidayTEX131
3J. BerriosTEX119
4J. DukeTEX114
PlayerInjuryOut for...Disabled List Status
P Ryan Dorseystrained bicep muscle2 days1 day(s) left
Pitching Staff
StarterLJohn Duke121205.91 
StarterRJohn Holliday111006.76 
StarterRJose Berrios111305.88 
StarterLMelvin Martin1103.38 
StarterRSpencer Turnbull71507.62 
MopupRAlberto Alfaro12012.34 
MopupLRicardo Romero1208.10 
Middle RelieverRCoy Green4717.51 
Middle RelieverRRay Simons02211.92 
Middle RelieverRScott Nelson0137.97 
Setup RelieverLRafael Clemente9339.12 
Setup RelieverRKoda Glover33245.32 
CloserLMark Thompson3374.87 

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Minor League System

Division CentraleWLPCTGB
Baltimore Orioles9963.611-
Chicago White Sox9369.5746.0
St. Louis Cardinals8577.52514.0
Minnesota Twins7587.46324.0
Detroit Tigers7488.45725.0
Texas Rangers7290.44427.0

Team Information
Record overall72-90, .444 PCT
Position in Division6th, 27.0 GB
Record at home40-41, .494 PCT
Record on the road32-49, .395 PCT
Record in X-inning games4-6, .400 PCT
Record in one-run games15-20, .429 PCT
Record versus LHP27-29, .482 PCT
Record versus RHP45-61, .425 PCT
Record last 10 games6-4, .600 PCT
Record in April10-15, .400 PCT
Record in May11-17, .393 PCT
Record in June11-16, .407 PCT
Record in July14-13, .519 PCT
Record in August13-14, .481 PCT
Record in September12-15, .444 PCT
Record in October1-0, 1.000 PCT

Team Batting Stats & Rankings
Batting Average.304 - 2nd in AL
On-Base Percentage.377 - 3rd in AL
Slugging Percentage.528 - 3rd in AL
On-Base + Slugging.905 - 3rd in AL
Runs Scored1132 - 5th in AL
Hits1786 - 2nd in AL
Extra-Base Hits648 - 6th in AL
Home Runs313 - 3rd in AL
Bases-On-Balls632 - 8th in AL
Strikeouts928 - 8th in AL
Stolen Bases85 - 12th in AL

Team Pitching Stats & Rankings
Earned Run Average 7.41 - 12th in AL
Starters' ERA6.55 - 11th in AL
Bullpen ERA8.80 - 12th in AL
Runs allowed1313 - 12th in AL
Hits allowed1767 - 12th in AL
Opponents AVG.300 - 12th in AL
BABIP.297 - 5th in AL
Home Runs allowed405 - 12th in AL
Bases-On-Balls714 - 11th in AL
Strikeouts901 - 10th in AL

Minor League System
Corpus Christi Skyline (AAA)
Santa Ana Sand Gnats (AA)
Tifton Braves (A)
Minneapolis Warlords (R)

Lineups Overview
#BLineup vs RHPPOS #BLineup vs LHPPOS #BLineup vs RHP+DHPOS #BLineup vs LHP+DHPOS 
1RBrandon ThomasonCF 1RBrandon ThomasonCF 1LJarred KelenicRF 1RDave WatsonLF 
2SDylan CarlsonRF 2SDylan CarlsonRF 2RGreg Parker3B 2SDylan CarlsonRF 
3RHaywood Byers1B 3RHaywood Byers1B 3RHaywood ByersSS 3RHaywood ByersSS 
4RGreg Parker3B 4RGreg Parker3B 4SGilberto MesaLF 4RGreg Parker3B 
5LJarred KelenicLF 5LBrandon BrowneC 5LVince TurnerDH 5LMike Melton1B 
 6RPaco ZaragozaLF 6RBrandon ThomasonCF 6RBrandon ThomasonCF 
7LBrandon BrowneC  7LMike Melton1B 7LJarred KelenicDH 
  8RBob Dennis2B 8RBob Dennis2B 
  9LBrandon BrowneC 9LBrandon BrowneC 

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