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Texas Rangers 09-20-2027
Player Potential Ratings Report - Scouted by: SISA
NameAgePosContactGapPowerEyeAvoid K's
Chris Baker29P63211434
Henry Bowman343B6184539756
Roy Cole271B7731824258
Charlie Culberson283B6253568266
Jack Davis25P283281220
John Davis27P213281622
Manny Estrada252B6063317678
Todd Frazier25RF7076456053
Jesús Gallardo29P203641638
Roger Maloney22P403641625
Junior Martínez27RF4648737761
Adrian Moorhead30C7358557295
Scott Nelson26P73471420
Leroy Newton271B6873705866
Bill Potter27P303641028
Ken Reilly28P223641427
Cecil Rishworth21P374371725
Daniel Robertson302B8967759264
Nathan Shelton25P303242027
Ray Simons24P233911825
Mark Trumbo35RF86928010053
Gregg West27P394141146
Vic Wise27C4963247347
Christian Woods26P4530181026
Jeff Young25LF5062605549
Sammy Young241B5463524940
Chris Baker29MR70627393-95 Mph39
Jack Davis25SP54536190-92 Mph57
John Davis27MR73554494-96 Mph37
Jesús Gallardo29SP50457087-89 Mph66
Roger Maloney22SP36518596-98 Mph58
Scott Nelson26CL82302095-97 Mph10
Bill Potter27MR43636787-89 Mph50
Ken Reilly28SP43504985-87 Mph57
Cecil Rishworth21CL72407792-94 Mph36
Nathan Shelton25MR65475396-98 Mph38
Ray Simons24MR56416592-94 Mph34
Gregg West27SP54474792-94 Mph55
Christian Woods26SP51633487-89 Mph105

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