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Toronto Blue Jays 10-04-2027
Team Leaders
Team Batting Leaderboards
Batting AVG
M. PinaTOR.309
J. HarrisTOR.302
J. O'HawleyTOR.298
M. LeachTOR.287
L. VillaTOR.284
On-Base PCT
M. PinaTOR.446
M. LeachTOR.422
L. VillaTOR.419
C. CaldwellTOR.367
R. MartinTOR.353
Slugging PCT
M. PinaTOR.648
R. MartinTOR.516
L. VillaTOR.498
J. O'HawleyTOR.494
M. LeachTOR.481
On-Base + Slugging
M. PinaTOR1.094
L. VillaTOR.917
M. LeachTOR.903
R. MartinTOR.869
J. O'HawleyTOR.816
M. PinaTOR78.6
B. GamelTOR47.2
C. TaylorTOR43.0
L. VillaTOR37.3
M. LeachTOR31.7
Runs Created
M. PinaTOR155.5
L. VillaTOR125.2
C. TaylorTOR103.9
M. LeachTOR103.6
B. GamelTOR96.5
Runs Created / 27 outs
M. PinaTOR11.17
M. LeachTOR8.25
L. VillaTOR7.97
R. MartinTOR6.31
J. O'HawleyTOR5.48
Isolated Power
M. PinaTOR.339
R. MartinTOR.244
L. VillaTOR.214
J. O'HawleyTOR.197
M. LeachTOR.195
L. VillaTOR157
C. CaldwellTOR155
R. MartinTOR139
J. HarrisTOR138
M. PinaTOR138
C. CaldwellTOR585
L. VillaTOR552
J. HarrisTOR537
J. O'HawleyTOR524
M. PinaTOR508
M. PinaTOR120
L. VillaTOR118
C. CaldwellTOR98
M. LeachTOR95
B. GamelTOR93
J. HarrisTOR162
M. PinaTOR157
L. VillaTOR157
J. O'HawleyTOR156
C. CaldwellTOR155
Total Bases
M. PinaTOR329
L. VillaTOR275
C. TaylorTOR271
J. O'HawleyTOR259
R. MartinTOR243
J. HarrisTOR121
J. O'HawleyTOR119
C. CaldwellTOR113
B. GamelTOR106
L. VillaTOR89
L. VillaTOR38
R. MartinTOR33
C. CaldwellTOR32
M. PinaTOR27
C. TaylorTOR27
L. VillaTOR10
E. WoodTOR7
M. LeachTOR5
R. MartinTOR5
C. CaldwellTOR3
Home Runs
M. PinaTOR47
J. O'HawleyTOR33
C. TaylorTOR33
R. MartinTOR24
L. VillaTOR20
Runs Batted In
M. PinaTOR162
L. VillaTOR104
C. TaylorTOR102
J. O'HawleyTOR92
R. MartinTOR89
Stolen Bases
L. VillaTOR29
J. DuránTOR26
C. CaldwellTOR21
B. GamelTOR14
E. LovelassTOR10
M. PinaTOR128
L. VillaTOR126
M. LeachTOR103
C. CaldwellTOR92
B. GamelTOR62
Intentional Walks
M. PinaTOR17
M. LeachTOR8
L. VillaTOR8
B. GamelTOR5
R. MartinTOR5
R. MartinTOR20
J. DuránTOR13
E. WoodTOR13
L. VillaTOR9
C. CaldwellTOR8
J. O'HawleyTOR121
C. CaldwellTOR104
R. MartinTOR94
J. DuránTOR82
C. TaylorTOR78
Sacrifice Hits
S. RicksTOR1
C. CaldwellTOR0
J. DuránTOR0
C. GallagherTOR0
B. GamelTOR0
Sacrifice Flies
L. VillaTOR10
C. CaldwellTOR9
M. PinaTOR9
C. TaylorTOR7
B. GamelTOR6
Team Pitching Leaderboards
R. MorrisTOR4.36
J. PérezTOR5.13
L. WhitneyTOR5.24
R. MorrisTOR20
L. WhitneyTOR15
J. PérezTOR11
L. GonzálezTOR10
B. ParkerTOR9
L. WhitneyTOR14
L. GonzálezTOR9
B. ParkerTOR9
J. PérezTOR6
W. HarrisTOR5
Winning PCT
R. MorrisTOR.833
J. PérezTOR.647
L. WhitneyTOR.517
W. HarrisTOR32
E. DiazTOR10
K. GinkelTOR5
O. NájeraTOR1
C. O'NeillTOR1
Games Pitched
K. GinkelTOR66
W. HarrisTOR58
B. TreinenTOR58
E. DiazTOR42
B. ParkerTOR33
Games Started
L. WhitneyTOR33
R. MorrisTOR32
J. PérezTOR27
L. GonzálezTOR26
B. ParkerTOR20
Complete Games
R. MorrisTOR4
L. GonzálezTOR3
L. WhitneyTOR3
J. PérezTOR1
D. ThomasTOR1
R. MorrisTOR2
L. WhitneyTOR1
M. ChamberlandTOR0
R. CintrónTOR0
E. DiazTOR0
Innings Pitched
L. WhitneyTOR211.1
R. MorrisTOR210.2
J. PérezTOR172.0
L. GonzálezTOR156.1
B. ParkerTOR145.0
Hits Allowed
L. WhitneyTOR225
R. MorrisTOR222
J. PérezTOR206
L. GonzálezTOR179
B. ParkerTOR170
Home Runs Allowed
B. ParkerTOR27
J. PérezTOR26
L. GonzálezTOR25
R. MorrisTOR23
L. WhitneyTOR20
Walks Allowed
R. MorrisTOR71
L. WhitneyTOR67
B. ParkerTOR53
L. LewisTOR49
J. PérezTOR47
Walks per 9 IP
J. PérezTOR2.5
L. WhitneyTOR2.9
R. MorrisTOR3.0
R. MorrisTOR122
J. PérezTOR108
L. WhitneyTOR86
L. LewisTOR73
B. ParkerTOR72
Strikeouts per 9 IP
J. PérezTOR5.7
R. MorrisTOR5.2
L. WhitneyTOR3.7
J. PérezTOR2.30
R. MorrisTOR1.72
L. WhitneyTOR1.28
L. WhitneyTOR1.38
R. MorrisTOR1.39
J. PérezTOR1.47
Hits per 9 IP
R. MorrisTOR9.5
L. WhitneyTOR9.6
J. PérezTOR10.8
Opponents AVG
R. MorrisTOR.269
L. WhitneyTOR.276
J. PérezTOR.293
Opponents OBP
R. MorrisTOR.333
L. WhitneyTOR.344
J. PérezTOR.346
Opponents SLG
R. MorrisTOR.415
L. WhitneyTOR.429
J. PérezTOR.496
Opponents OPS
R. MorrisTOR.749
L. WhitneyTOR.773
J. PérezTOR.842
L. WhitneyTOR.289
R. MorrisTOR.292
J. PérezTOR.316
R. MorrisTOR64
L. WhitneyTOR44
J. PérezTOR37
K. GinkelTOR33
B. ParkerTOR25

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