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Atlanta Braves 04-02-2029
Minor League System Report
Lexington Hippies
LBSQ Triple A - AAA - 1-0, 1.000
Garry Reed31C461731863.00000
Dave Trujillo271B5849662617.33300Possibly ready for Major League Level
Bobby Witt Jr22SS7257692482.00000
John May271B6855501350.40002
Rafael Serna26CF4726548258.00000Possibly ready for Major League Level
Carlos Fernández25RF56275864104.00000
Pancho Hernández353B5743804054.00000Possibly ready for Major League Level
Francisco Gonzáles282B5629763789.00000Possibly ready for Major League Level
Patrick Harrison34C4396328100.00000Probably overmatched at Triple A
David Edgar31LF5063877254.33300Ready for Major League Level
Scott Vaughn31CF46356691128.50001Ready for Major League Level
Robert Lloyd32RF7118873957.00000
Carlos García273B5566473056.40001Ready for Major League Level
Lynn Connor302B6310456367.50000
Mark Jones33SS4620577366.00000
Tsutomu Nishimura26RF4749556390.00000
Wei-fang Tieh31P3742670-0.000.0000Possibly ready for Major League Level
Tom Klein28P3454550-0.000.1000Ready for Major League Level
Arturo Ordóñez31P3149651-02.088.2626Possibly ready for Major League Level
Vicente López25P3335430-0.000.0000Possibly ready for Major League Level
Hamilton Rigg37P3459460-0.000.0000Possibly ready for Major League Level
Stan Johnson27P4851380-0.000.0000Possibly ready for Major League Level
Chris Welch28P1255610-0.000.0000Possibly ready for Major League Level
Júlio Torres28P4444380-0.000.0000
Pepe Vallés26P3270560-0.000.0000Ready for Major League Level
Cullen Taylor31P4255510-0.000.0000
Darren Lund24P2365530-0.000.0000Ready for Major League Level
John Means24P2450510-0.000.0000Ready for Major League Level
Alex Williams33P5032550-0.000.0000Possibly ready for Major League Level
Pedro Ramírez34P3256420-0.000.0000Possibly ready for Major League Level
Jim Wilson26P2346620-0.000.0000Possibly ready for Major League Level
Vic Neal26P2653550-0.000.0000Possibly ready for Major League Level
Ligonier Skyscrapers
LBSQ Double A - AA - 1-0, 1.000
Júlio Moreno29C4565591659.00000
Jesús Tapia283B4834602067.75013Ready for Triple A
Kevin Swerdlove31LF3845457586.00000
Don Jensen34CF4413710161.00000
Daniel Sweatt293B50115746721.00000Possibly ready for Triple A
Sergio Pineda301B5266582343.40001Possibly ready for Triple A
Matt French28CF4073995111.25000
Doug Arbnuthnot282B4746376092.00000
David Murillo23C462141771.75000
Roberto Ramírez33SS487754864.00000Ready for Triple A
Leland Halyburton282B5220555434.00000
Jason Williams272B5015343992.20000
José Viera24CF48425180951.00001Possibly ready for Major League Level
Sean Preston24SS45183584841.00015Possibly ready for Major League Level
Carlos Márquez301B424395555.00000
Ricardo Garza30LF4713385655.20002
Ken Carter27RF36253810487.50005
Dave Davis28P3540480-0.000.0000Possibly ready for Triple A
Natividade Grij25P5626510-0.000.0000Possibly ready for Major League Level
Bob Ingram27P4341350-0.000.0000Ready for Triple A
Gilberto Reyes32P1556440-0.000.0000Ready for Triple A
António Amézaga26P3744350-0.000.0000Possibly ready for Triple A
Francisco Harvey24P2624590-0.000.0000Possibly ready for Major League Level
Michael Baird26P4434420-06.003.0402Ready for Triple A
Mitsuzuka Nakayama26P3436520-0.000.0000
Tim Shaw24P4446440-0.000.0000Possibly ready for Major League Level
Robert James32P4144471-06.006.0542Ready for Triple A
Curt Mitchell30P2149440-0.000.0000Ready for Triple A
Ron Murphy24P3410590-0.000.0000Possibly ready for Triple A
Rafael Vázquez23P5063620-0.000.0000Possibly ready for Major League Level
Daniel Wilson30P2363570-0.000.0000Possibly ready for Major League Level
Rick Forbes26P3240490-0.000.0000Ready for Triple A
Arturo Conrad27P4226530-0.000.0000Possibly ready for Triple A
Kinnelon Impulse
LBSQ Single A - A - 1-0, 1.000
Brandon Kinney25SS33432349101.00001
Jamie Parker291B41465458104.00001Ready for Triple A
Juan Hernández30C331857561.00000
Jacob Collins28SS369176774.00000
John Ladner23LF4339414558.60000Ready for Double A
Jian-guo Xin251B5034421250.75000Ready for Double A
James Williams24C44555050124.33301Ready for Triple A
Júlio Escobar24LF3432308760.00000Possibly ready for Double A
Dan Garmon21RF4767787283.66703Possibly ready for Double A
Juan Gómez22SS4821486381.00000Ready for Double A
Jeff Bernal243B4549353432.33302
Miguel Mansort22CF4926428954.66700Ready for Double A
Kevin Kemp252B4132268153.00000Possibly ready for Triple A
Ryan Bryant322B4111886072.00000Ready for Double A
Félix Carbajal232B4732369179.00001
Jason Dawson223B4051672983.00000Ready for Double A
Boyd Byrd28CF269169583.00000
Chase Hensball24CF3713206240.00000Possibly ready for Double A
Norm O'Shae26P920640-0.000.0000Ready for Double A
Domingo Gómez23P1742560-0.000.0000Ready for Triple A
John Norris22P3724440-0.000.0000Ready for Double A
Frank Fowler24P3955340-0.000.0000Possibly ready for Triple A
Dan Gross25P2025340-0.000.0000Ready for Double A
Arthur Payne27P2726470-0.000.0000Ready for Double A
César Gonzáles26P187390-0.000.0000
Dan Shaw25P541540-0.000.0000Possibly ready for Triple A
Fabián Villarreal26P4137361-04.508.0529Possibly ready for Triple A
Robby Watts24P3835470-0.000.0000Possibly ready for Double A
Cecil Duffy25P2717290-0.000.0000
Naoya Kitakawa27P1730480-0.000.0000Ready for Double A
Morgan Harris25P2947460-0.001.0000Possibly ready for Major League Level
Fernando Domínguez22P1657490-0.000.0000Possibly ready for Major League Level
Bernie Davis27P3113500-0.000.0000Ready for Double A
Ronald Myers22P2248470-0.000.0000Possibly ready for Major League Level
Bremerton Marvels
LBSQ Rookie League - R - 0-1, .000
Phil Robinson23SS551493277.50001Ready for Double A
Wayne Hodges22LF4332459379.00000Ready for Double A
José Solís193B3328356931.00000Ready for Short Season A
Ignacio Alvarado291B358172938.00000Ready for Short Season A
Mark Cline19LF5776566664.00000Possibly ready for Short Season A
George Teek222B4828525664.25000Possibly ready for Double A
Kurt Richardson17RF5245503547.00000
Tom Miles202B381289851.00000Ready for Single A
Eppe Huisman20CF464398595.00000Ready for Single A
Cullen Robinson20LF2614186567.00000Possibly ready for Short Season A
Ryan Corbitt181B4560472320.00000
Alex Small213B3945363863.50000Ready for Single A
Eric Paul301B444183659.00000Ready for Single A
Sylvester Densem18CF47389962.00000Ready for Double A
Domingo Guzmán23CF269137660.00000Ready for Short Season A
Joaquín Ramírez17LF484395544.00000
Naomichi Yokoyama20LF4766511417.25000Ready for Single A
Richie Watson202B431355561.00000
Dan Johnson20C465151428.25000Possibly ready for Double A
Richard Simpson25RF4058212753.25000Ready for Single A
Juan Pérez20C423937846.00000Ready for Single A
Michael FOw22CF417448874.00000Ready for Single A
Thomas Barnes19SS3813203146.00000Ready for Short Season A
Dave Brown222B3525407944.00000Ready for Single A
Katsumi Takahashi18P3444370-0.000.0000Possibly ready for Single A
Ty MacIntosh25P3038470-0.000.0000Ready for Double A
Troy Slaughter21P1116610-0.000.0000Ready for Single A
Owen Collins20P1442190-0.000.0000Possibly ready for Short Season A
Juan Flores18P4342790-0.000.0000Ready for Short Season A
Bobby Williamson19P6646420-0.000.0000Ready for Double A
Abraham William20P2949590-0.000.0000Possibly ready for Single A
Paul York17P3344370-0.000.0000
Joe Stephenson24P631470-020.261.1220Ready for Single A
Wendell Kennedy20P3531470-0.000.0000
Clarence Dixon22P2227590-0.001.2021Ready for Triple A
Todd Jenkins23P1017400-0.000.0000Ready for Single A
Jack Pritchard23P4234380-16.355.2713Ready for Double A
Donovan Hall17P5142520-0.000.0000
Jesse Morris22P1858370-0.000.0000Ready for Double A
Ronald Willis24P4531380-0.000.0000Ready for Double A
Pancho Hidalgo23P721390-027.030.1300Ready for Single A

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