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Chicago Cubs 07-21-2031
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Monday, June 30th, 2031: National Player of the Week Selected
A red-hot bat made Brandon Craig the obvious choice for this week's National Player of the Week.

The Chicago third baseman laid down some numbers that no one else could match, including a .414 average, 12 hits in 29 at-bats, 5 home runs, 10 RBIs and 8 runs scored. Say no more...he got the award.

For the season, Craig is hitting at a .314 clip with 19 home runs, 53 RBIs and has scored 46 runs. He has 64 hits, 25 walks and a .397 on-base percentage.
Friday, June 20th, 2031: Great Day for Muńóz! 5 Hits!
Players get multi-hit games all the time. But a 5-hit game only comes around once in a blue moon. It happened at Wrigley Field when Fernando Muńóz of Chicago scattered 5 hits all over the ballpark against the Cincinnati Reds.

He walloped 5 hits in 5 at-bats in his career-day performance to help the Cubs get by the Reds 13-3.

In a talkative and jovial mood after the game, the left fielder of the Cubs exclaimed, "Whoa, my swing was really, really there today. I made some good, sweet-spot contact and when that happens...good things 5-5. I could get used to a lot of days like this one."

F. Muńóz doubled in the 2nd, singled in the 4th, singled in the 5th, hit a solo-shot off R. Thompson in the 7th and hit a two-run home run off R. Thompson in the 9th.

Thus far this season Muńóz has hit .290 with 3 home runs, 14 RBIs and scored 11 times.
Saturday, June 14th, 2031: Cubs Shortstop Out
Chicago shortstop Bryan James has a damaged meniscus, suffered while running the bases. He's expected to be out for 8 weeks.

So far in 2031 James has hit .321 with 14 home runs and 48 RBIs. He has played in 59 games and scored 41 times.
Team Leaders AVG
T. Turner
2M. TroutCHC.352
3P. SwansonCHC.335
4R. TellezCHC.328
5C. WalkerCHC.320
Team Leaders HR
2 tied with
1R. TellezCHC37
1C. WalkerCHC37
3B. CraigCHC23
4P. SwansonCHC18
Team Leaders RBI
C. Walker
2R. TellezCHC90
3D. JohnsonCHC65
4B. CraigCHC61
4P. RodríguezCHC61
Team Leaders W
R. Wallace
2P. ConradCHC11
3R. CraigCHC6
4J. McgeeCHC5
4L. RiveraCHC5
Team Leaders ERA
R. Wallace
2P. ConradCHC4.31
3M. HernándezCHC7.14
Team Leaders K
P. Conrad
2R. WallaceCHC74
3A. BlandinoCHC68
4M. HernándezCHC67
5L. RiveraCHC60
PlayerInjuryOut for...Disabled List Status
SS Bryan Jamesdamaged meniscus (knee)3 weeks25 day(s) left (60-day DL)
Pitching Staff
StarterRSandy Alcantara2106.35 
StarterRPaul Conrad11304.31 
StarterLLuis Antonio Rivera5608.44 
StarterRRichard Wallace12304.07 
StarterLMiguel Hernández4807.14 
Spot StarterRRichard Craig6307.02 
Middle RelieverRRichard Craig6307.02 
Middle RelieverLRandall Morris0227.53 
Setup RelieverRZane Elliott3345.48 
Setup RelieverLAdrian Schultz1216.75 
CloserLJake Mcgee53132.82 

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Minor League System

Division OuestWLPCTGB
San Francisco Giants5239.571-
Chicago Cubs5240.565.5
Los Angeles Dodgers4348.4739.0
Oakland Athletics3754.40715.0
Seattle Mariners3855.40915.0
Houston Astros3656.39116.5

Team Information
Record overall52-40, .565 PCT
Position in Division2nd, .5 GB
Record at home27-21, .563 PCT
Record on the road25-19, .568 PCT
Record in X-inning games3-4, .429 PCT
Record in one-run games9-13, .409 PCT
Record versus LHP13-10, .565 PCT
Record versus RHP39-30, .565 PCT
Record last 10 games7-3, .700 PCT
Record in April12-9, .571 PCT
Record in May17-11, .607 PCT
Record in June14-13, .519 PCT
Record in July9-7, .563 PCT

Team Batting Stats & Rankings
Batting Average.313 - 1st in NL
On-Base Percentage.395 - 1st in NL
Slugging Percentage.561 - 1st in NL
On-Base + Slugging.956 - 1st in NL
Runs Scored691 - 1st in NL
Hits1048 - 1st in NL
Extra-Base Hits405 - 1st in NL
Home Runs201 - 1st in NL
Bases-On-Balls422 - 4th in NL
Strikeouts593 - 7th in NL
Stolen Bases74 - 7th in NL

Team Pitching Stats & Rankings
Earned Run Average 6.01 - 5th in NL
Starters' ERA5.84 - 4th in NL
Bullpen ERA6.33 - 6th in NL
Runs allowed592 - 5th in NL
Hits allowed933 - 4th in NL
Opponents AVG.285 - 4th in NL
BABIP.308 - 4th in NL
Home Runs allowed141 - 6th in NL
Bases-On-Balls408 - 8th in NL
Strikeouts554 - 6th in NL

Minor League System
Hinesville Trespassers (AAA)
Lakeview Bayhawks (AA)
Fort Wayne Majestics (A)
Buffalo Silver (R)

Lineups Overview
#BLineup vs RHPPOS #BLineup vs LHPPOS #BLineup vs RHP+DHPOS #BLineup vs LHP+DHPOS 
1RTrea Turner2B 1RTrea Turner2B 1RTrea TurnerSS 1RTrea TurnerSS 
2LPat SwansonLF 2LDaniel JohnsonCF 2LPat SwansonLF 2LPat SwansonLF 
3RChristian Walker1B 3LPat SwansonLF 3RChristian WalkerDH 3RChristian WalkerDH 
4RBrandon Craig3B 4LRyan Tellez1B 4LRyan Tellez1B 4LRyan Tellez1B 
5LDaniel JohnsonCF 5RBrandon Craig3B 5RBrandon Craig3B 5RBrandon Craig3B 
6RMike TroutRF 6RMike TroutRF 6RMike TroutRF 6RMike TroutRF 
7STim WallaceSS 7STim WallaceSS 7LDaniel JohnsonCF 7LDaniel JohnsonCF 
8RPedro RodríguezC 8RPedro RodríguezC 8RKen Spencer2B 8RKen Spencer2B 
  9RPedro RodríguezC 9RPedro RodríguezC 

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