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Chicago Cubs 07-21-2031
Positional Strength Overview
PositionTop playerTeam rankingTop prospectOrganizational rankingOverall ranking
CatchersPedro Rodríguez13thPedro Martínez17th17th
First BasemenChristian Walker3rdAntónio Castro20th11th
Second BasemenTrea Turner7thAllen Thomas14th9th
Third BasemenBrandon Craig2ndCésar Crespo22nd15th
ShortstopsBryan James2ndTim Wallace10th4th
Left FieldersPat Swanson5thAnthony Santander14th5th
Center FieldersDaniel Johnson9thDaniel Johnson8th5th
Right FieldersMike Trout9thMarc Lewis12th11th
Starting PitchersSandy Alcantara15thAntónio Rocha24th22nd
RelieversMiguel Hernández14thFelix Bautista16th14th
ClosersJake Mcgee8thBill George9th10th

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