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Cincinnati Reds 04-02-2029
Positional Strength Overview
PositionTop playerTeam rankingTop prospectOrganizational rankingOverall ranking
CatchersJavier Castillo3rdFrancisco Ortíz11th4th
First BasemenPete Alonso3rdPete Alonso15th10th
Second BasemenFernando Vallés20thWalt Stevens19th18th
Third BasemenJosé Ramos21stJames Whitehead19th22nd
ShortstopsAmbrose Lambert10thTommy Edman12th7th
Left FieldersRobin Sims16thRex McKoy17th16th
Center FieldersEloy Jimenez7thBrad Minor17th13th
Right FieldersAdrián Sánchez18thVictor Robles24th21st
Starting PitchersAntónio Castillo11thAntónio Castillo16th11th
RelieversKevin Davis22ndBen Kent19th20th
ClosersRob Fulton18thEdgardo Galván22nd22nd

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