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Baltimore Orioles 06-20-2033
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Monday, June 13th, 2033: AL's #1 Player Named
Andy O'Reilly of the Baltimore Orioles had a spectacular week and today was voted the Player of the Week by the American.

For the week O'Reilly batted .542 (13-24) with 5 home runs and 12 RBIs.

O'Reilly is hitting .364 this season with 19 home runs, 61 RBIs and 53 runs scored. He has 84 hits in 231 at-bats.
Thursday, June 9th, 2033: Gonzales Happy to Stay with Baltimore
Baltimore received a bit of good news today as their shortstop Nick Gonzales accepted a $7,310,000-per-year offer that will keep him in a Orioles uniform for 3 years.

In the current season, Gonzales has put up a .301 batting average with 72 hits, 5 home runs, 36 RBIs and scored 49 times.
Sunday, May 29th, 2033: High-5s for Campbell! Goes 5-6!
Today the Angels downed the Orioles 19-4 as Chris Campbell sprayed hits all over Edison International Field in a 5-hit explosion, finishing up with 5 hits in 6 at-bats.

The Anaheim second baseman said to SION reporters in the postgame interview, "It makes it easier if you get a good pitch. The odds are in your favor then, not the pitcher's. I got a bunch of very pretty pitches to hit today, and I didn't miss any of them."

C. Campbell flied out in the 1st, singled in the 3rd, singled in the 4th, hit an RBI single in the 6th, singled in the 7th, hit a three-run home run off A. Schultz in the 7th and walked in the 9th.

Campbell is hitting .297 so far this season with 28 RBIs and 44 runs scored. He has 63 hits including 7 home runs, 15 walks and .344 OBP.
Team Leaders AVG
A. O'Reilly
2J. CurtisBAL.328
3M. GonzalezBAL.323
4N. GonzalesBAL.314
5B. PetersBAL.307
Team Leaders HR
A. O'Reilly
2J. CurtisBAL19
2K. RuizBAL19
4M. GonzalezBAL17
5B. PetersBAL10
Team Leaders RBI
J. Curtis
2A. O'ReillyBAL67
3M. GonzalezBAL55
4B. PetersBAL46
5K. RuizBAL45
Team Leaders W
2 tied with
1B. KellerBAL7
1F. MontasBAL7
3K. MaedaBAL5
32 more tied with 5
Team Leaders ERA
F. Montas
2F. VazquezBAL5.58
3K. MaedaBAL6.22
4B. KellerBAL7.00
Team Leaders K
F. Montas
2F. VazquezBAL65
3K. MaedaBAL53
4A. SchultzBAL43
5B. KellerBAL41
PlayerInjuryOut for...Disabled List Status
LF Marwin Gonzaleztorn hip muscle2 weeks8 day(s) left
Pitching Staff
StarterLFelipe Vazquez5305.58 
StarterRFrankie Montas7205.30 
StarterRKenta Maeda5606.22 
StarterRBrad Keller7307.00 
StarterLJames Campbell05010.64 
MopupRJames Ferguson2309.73 
Middle RelieverRJeffery Rose3106.02 
Middle RelieverRIván Morales5025.13 
Middle RelieverRMáximo Berroa0103.30 
Middle RelieverLAdrian Schultz2005.97 
Setup RelieverRRay Rice0122.93 
CloserRKirby Yates15145.06 

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Minor League System

Division CentraleWLPCTGB
Minnesota Twins4029.580-
St. Louis Cardinals3831.5512.0
Baltimore Orioles3732.5363.0
Chicago White Sox3336.4787.0
Detroit Tigers3137.4568.5
Texas Rangers2741.39712.5

Team Information
Record overall37-32, .536 PCT
Position in Division3rd, 3.0 GB
Record at home17-17, .500 PCT
Record on the road20-15, .571 PCT
Record in X-inning games2-2, .500 PCT
Record in one-run games10-10, .500 PCT
Record versus LHP14-9, .609 PCT
Record versus RHP23-23, .500 PCT
Record last 10 games4-6, .400 PCT
Record in April13-11, .542 PCT
Record in May13-14, .481 PCT
Record in June11-7, .611 PCT

Team Batting Stats & Rankings
Batting Average.293 - 6th in AL
On-Base Percentage.376 - 5th in AL
Slugging Percentage.511 - 4th in AL
On-Base + Slugging.887 - 4th in AL
Runs Scored480 - 1st in AL
Hits718 - 6th in AL
Extra-Base Hits290 - 4th in AL
Home Runs113 - 4th in AL
Bases-On-Balls301 - 3rd in AL
Strikeouts299 - 1st in AL
Stolen Bases73 - 5th in AL

Team Pitching Stats & Rankings
Earned Run Average 6.26 - 11th in AL
Starters' ERA6.72 - 10th in AL
Bullpen ERA5.62 - 9th in AL
Runs allowed460 - 9th in AL
Hits allowed755 - 10th in AL
Opponents AVG.304 - 10th in AL
BABIP.340 - 12th in AL
Home Runs allowed114 - 10th in AL
Bases-On-Balls293 - 8th in AL
Strikeouts489 - 1st in AL

Minor League System
Stockton Barricades (AAA)
Leavittsburg Golden Grizzlies (AA)
Augusta Hound Dogs (A)
Riverside Typhoons (R)

Lineups Overview
#BLineup vs RHPPOS #BLineup vs LHPPOS #BLineup vs RHP+DHPOS #BLineup vs LHP+DHPOS 
  1RNick GonzalesSS 1RNick GonzalesSS 
  2RMack McDowell2B 2RMack McDowell2B 
  3RJohn CurtisLF 3RJohn CurtisLF 
  4RBrian PetersRF 4SKeibert RuizCF 
  5SKeibert RuizCF 5RAndy O'Reilly1B 
  6RAndy O'Reilly1B 6RGary Alexander3B 
  7LJake DavisC 7RBrian PetersRF 
  8RGary Alexander3B 8SWilfred WinstonDH 
  9LFernando HernándezDH 9RTim ClarkC 

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