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Floride Marlins 04-29-2030
Basic Pitching Stats Report - Split: Overall
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Guillermo Peralta SP2003.384424.02099210131.25.227.247
Dan Barker MR2113.4513015.216664471.28.262.240
Greg Connor MR1113.6813014.2157642151.16.254.275
Ken Holmes SP2104.124419.22710939101.83.325.343
Albert Harris MR0004.7417019.016101049141.32.222.222
David Daly MR1004.8511013.016773351.46.308.295
Lynn Roy MR2005.1413021.023141249151.52.280.302
Jose Fernandez SP0205.885526.033181734111.42.303.316
Mike Goodwin CL1136.179011.214883361.46.292.282
Ryan Haney SP2106.654421.222161651171.52.268.243
Frank McCoy SP0209.604415.0201716311112.07.323.354
Josť Ramos SP03010.194417.228202085181.87.354.377

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