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Pittsburgh Pirates 04-02-2029
Minor League System Report
Glendale Doppelgängers
LBSQ Triple A - AAA - 1-0, 1.000
Iván Campos25C4960611675.66703Ready for Major League Level
Mark Kane252B4749217978.25001
Kelly Gross202B7042635763.25000
Julio Rodriguez23LF7689547753.20000
Barrett Beckner21CF5864704019.50014
Tom Hawkins22CF502168044.33301
Isiah Kiner-Falefa21SS6951725467.00000
Rafael Ortíz23SS267138371.00000Probably overmatched at Triple A
Ron May22RF2328145485.25000
Dzevat Celebic22P4660620-0.000.0000Ready for Major League Level
Trent Thornton23P1752620-0.000.0000Possibly ready for Major League Level
Brock Myers25P3863260-0.000.0000Possibly ready for Major League Level
Claudio Alemán22P2858530-0.000.0000Possibly ready for Major League Level
Paradise Proletariat
LBSQ Double A - AA - 1-0, 1.000
Jim Myers27C4135451076.00000Possibly ready for Major League Level
Carlos Pereira22C4436491087.00000
Tomás Chávez251B5416335265.00001
Fouad Daraja233B4433275856.00000
Javier Gonzáles262B4425235952.00000
Luis Ramos213B4345512169.00000
Corbin Carroll22LF8326482241.66700
Eric Sydenham25CF20646471.00000Probably overmatched at Double A
Jerry Sowers22LF3524137291.50011
Daniel Gallegos223B3528164378.00000Probably overmatched at Double A
Dave Sweeney19CF4313366770.00000Not ready for Double A
Vernon O'Higgins23LF3056152958.00000Probably overmatched at Double A
Randy McMahon242B12465360.50000Probably overmatched at Double A
Roberto Ávila32P5333540-0.000.0000Possibly ready for Major League Level
John Anderson34P2067460-0.000.0000Possibly ready for Major League Level
António Franco28P3842460-0.000.0000Ready for Triple A
Chris Johnson20P4965641-0.008.0424Possibly ready for Major League Level
Kenneth Christman28P642470-0.000.0000Possibly ready for Triple A
Robbie Parker21P638400-0.000.0000Possibly ready for Triple A
Terry Anderson25P2732520-0.000.0000Possibly ready for Triple A
Wilbur Loudermilk21P1433670-0.001.0000Ready for Triple A
Travis Daly25P3321540-0.000.0000
Hightstown Steamboats
LBSQ Single A - A - 1-0, 1.000
Tom Dawson25C39121785.00000
Alex Duncan23C402834875.25003Possibly ready for Double A
Will Carter26C391342454.66700
Cameron Shields183B4439364729.00000Probably overmatched at Single A
Carlos Calderón173B5844522743.33300Not ready for Single A
Miguel Peralta27LF2011115285.33301Probably overmatched at Single A
Daniel Baker28RF1031208359.00001Probably overmatched at Single A
Fernando Rodríguez26RF10126295.00000Probably overmatched at Single A
Pedro Reyes19C4035371470.50000
Ryan Rich19RF8711996973.00000Probably overmatched at Single A
Darryl Mann20P4538710-0.000.0000Ready for Triple A
Rafael Torres25P3625371-0.002.0122Ready for Double A
Eric Schmidt22P1538260-03.003.0410Ready for Double A
Enrique Cardona22P3740250-0.000.0000Ready for Double A
Artie McKnight22P5246640-0.000.0000Ready for Double A
Brian Bender24P2224370-0.000.0000Ready for Double A
Tomás Abreu24P812490-0.000.0000Possibly ready for Double A
Don Bannatyne24P1212470-0.000.0000Possibly ready for Double A
Albert West22P1012440-0.000.0000Possibly ready for Double A
Peyton Larkin23P3236260-0.000.0000
Sergio Villarreal22P2226290-0.000.0000Possibly ready for Double A
Arlen Magee23P2227340-0.001.0100Possibly ready for Double A
Miguel Calderón24P2029170-0.000.0000
Augusto Cruz20P4956570-010.805.0921Possibly ready for Double A
Hal Walker19P4551660-0.000.0000
White Oak Cavemen
LBSQ Rookie League - R - 1-0, 1.000
Manuel García17C403943650.50003Ready for Short Season A
Conner Miller19C3835293074.20001
Phil Lane25C151071565.00000Possibly ready for Short Season A
Carlos Martínez18C3915281353.20000
Terry Morse25C20173775.00000Possibly ready for Short Season A
Bill Messer19C238102059.60001Possibly ready for Short Season A
Eric Reber22P3156511-01.009.0527Possibly ready for Double A
Napoleon Picotti17P3147520-0.000.0000
Francisco López17P3545340-0.000.0000
Carl Dixon18P4036350-0.000.0000
Iván Morlet18P3534250-0.000.0000
Júlio Pérez21P2736560-0.000.0000Possibly ready for Single A
Steve Watson20P2435410-0.000.0000Possibly ready for Single A
Bryan Powell22P4335190-0.000.0000Ready for Short Season A
Clarence Robinson20P1936270-0.000.0000Ready for Short Season A
Steve Dukeshire19P1913390-0.000.0000
Allen White25P1627180-0.000.0000Ready for Short Season A
Ray Black22P1114250-0.000.0000Possibly ready for Single A
Jesús Ayala19P2237260-0.000.0000

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