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San Diego Padres 06-14-2027
Positional Strength Overview
PositionTop playerTeam rankingTop prospectOrganizational rankingOverall ranking
CatchersRhett Carson3rdCarl Gardner5th2nd
First BasemenLogan Morrison13thBrandon Coleman15th15th
Second BasemenLuis Suárez15thMarco Luciano5th8th
Third BasemenKetel Marte24thButch Maxwell16th24th
ShortstopsScott Anderson13thMike McCoy15th16th
Left FieldersLester Manvill15thLester Manvill10th9th
Center FieldersPedro Ramírez18thTom Bowse23rd21st
Right FieldersMelvin Allen16thMelvin Allen2nd5th
Starting PitchersShane Bieber17thShane Bieber3rd8th
RelieversMasafumi Takahashi22ndJohn Holliday13th18th
ClosersJosé Rodríguez14thJosé Rodríguez5th6th

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