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Baltimore Orioles 04-02-2029
Player Potential Ratings Report - Scouted by: SISA
NameAgePosContactGapPowerEyeAvoid K's
Tom Bolton28P263981132
Nick Castellanos343B7265678269
Rafael Clemente25P263481739
Nick Cleveland272B5474476167
Willson Contreras31C81872710074
Noel Crosby29C5168317934
John Curtis26LF8162955162
José Deivalle331B5590568649
Gonzalo Escorza28P303041030
Tim Evans28P2224101643
Eric Gill27P153641630
Nick Gonzales23SS671122055100
Marwin Gonzalez30LF8474829652
Kenta Maeda35P283471224
Mack McDowell272B7642457158
Iván Morales25P2945111520
Andy O'Reilly251B7651635860
Brian Peters24RF7772846060
Ray Rice23P114341427
Miguel Rivera27P253011249
Fernando Rodríguez292B5167185334
Jesús Rodríguez31P172811435
Jeffery Rose25P110231
Keibert Ruiz24CF6967796797
Chris Sale31P183242249
Rob Stanley28P264712126
Chris Taylor32RF7673888239
Mike Townsend31RF6070527060
Spencer Turnbull27P233481527
Felipe Vazquez27P3328231443
Larry Whitney33P363011123
Kirby Yates27P293641623
Tom Bolton28MR57464889-90 Mph37
Rafael Clemente25MR50784189-90 Mph41
Gonzalo Escorza28SP47505593-95 Mph88
Tim Evans28MR79496090-92 Mph34
Eric Gill27MR45454690-92 Mph35
Kenta Maeda35SP74706796-98 Mph74
Iván Morales25MR55626789-90 Mph40
Ray Rice23MR49704789-90 Mph26
Miguel Rivera27SP18467489-90 Mph67
Jesús Rodríguez31SP63793092-94 Mph74
Jeffery Rose25MR62734591-93 Mph24
Chris Sale31SP59456391-93 Mph72
Rob Stanley28MR52584587-89 Mph1
Spencer Turnbull27SP43516187-89 Mph57
Felipe Vazquez27SP71684286-88 Mph57
Larry Whitney33SP23737886-88 Mph74
Kirby Yates27CL60818796-98 Mph21

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