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Chicago White Sox 09-20-2027
Positional Strength Overview
PositionTop playerTeam rankingTop prospectOrganizational rankingOverall ranking
CatchersJim Morgan14thEd Fox10th13th
First BasemenRay Durham Jr14thDave Barnes18th18th
Second BasemenEugenio Suarez6thChristian Jenkins4th4th
Third BasemenJonathan Schoop12thLuis Pérez16th16th
ShortstopsPepe Lopez1stMatt Stephens1st1st
Left FieldersJesús Torres5thLu-fang Gai15th10th
Center FieldersWilson Vargas16thCody Morrison15th16th
Right FieldersCody Bellinger5thDan Rochefort12th7th
Starting PitchersNorman Wolfe5thTaylor Rogers19th8th
RelieversDavid Robertson21stYunosuke Samurakami14th17th
ClosersKoda Glover8thFrancisco Núñez15th11th

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