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Cleveland Indians 09-20-2027
Player Potential Ratings Report - Scouted by: SISA
NameAgePosContactGapPowerEyeAvoid K's
Larry Bennett34P3930161424
Kevin Brown33P403441727
Lonne Chesenhall363B6437596850
Jason Cooper35P293641828
Mike Dupree32P254741330
Steve Erickson30CF5473347753
Manuel Galló26P304543128
Andrew Glass26RF8466795166
Daniel Harris282B6457796998
Patrick Herman27P422781832
Nathan Hurst35P294341432
Keone Kela28P322513035
Christian MacKinney252B5628255056
John Melton262B5373205451
Shelby Miller34P263441929
John Moore321B60735610030
Alan Murdoch24P82983131
Enrique Nava27C3555716074
Joc Pederson32LF4890929430
Zach Puckett23P3741101231
Rick Richards25SS4958446142
Gil Roehl24P44712230
Kyle Schwarber33C6458849836
Justin Webb23CF5776815322
Tony White291B6668767657
Larry Bennett34SP57427987-89 Mph83
Kevin Brown33SP59306286-88 Mph83
Jason Cooper35SP64794890-92 Mph56
Mike Dupree32SP41585191-93 Mph63
Manuel Galló26SP37626589-90 Mph60
Patrick Herman27MR21636285-87 Mph32
Nathan Hurst35MR49655390-92 Mph8
Keone Kela28CL60638290-92 Mph26
Shelby Miller34SP42656395-97 Mph75
Alan Murdoch24MR51785290-92 Mph36
Zach Puckett23MR53804991-93 Mph37
Gil Roehl24MR41544890-92 Mph30

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