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Montreal Expos 10-04-2022
Player Potential Ratings Report - Scouted by: SISA
NameAgePosContactGapPowerEyeAvoid K's
Abraham Almonte273B5837789247
Billy Burns28LF6561501596
Miguel Cabrera391B7774709753
Bill Campbell25C3975173558
Carlos Castillo231B5181594944
José Castro21P384141922
Tyler Chatwood32P414741229
Wayne Church31P363841131
Gerrit Cole28P182881451
Javier Córdova30P214341929
Enrique De La Parra25P382881836
Robby Edwards322B5664198137
Todd Frazier322B7274589587
Frank Hall26CF5191283947
Wayne Harper24C6395585866
Brock Holt26RF5754544145
Jeffery Hughes28P113211621
Eugene Johnson25P183911631
Sal Johnson29P393981432
Casey Mcgehee33SS83769410062
Warner Meredith30P162844227
Wade Miley32P183241227
Bud Norris21P422411420
Jorge Pagán25P263611424
Jaime Pérez291B6975547047
Jordan Schafer31CF5893359642
Júlio Vázquez23C481581140
Ken Wilson29LF6954198268
José Castro21SP27638687-89 Mph58
Tyler Chatwood32SP35558887-89 Mph63
Wayne Church31MR39598086-88 Mph30
Gerrit Cole28SP57546684-86 Mph87
Javier Córdova30SP16616185-87 Mph78
Enrique De La Parra25MR48442687-89 Mph43
Jeffery Hughes28CL54696891-93 Mph52
Eugene Johnson25MR9492985-87 Mph29
Sal Johnson29MR10623184-86 Mph31
Warner Meredith30SP62507490-92 Mph79
Wade Miley32SP58724494-96 Mph79
Bud Norris21CL52633892-94 Mph41
Jorge Pagán25MR34555186-88 Mph24

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