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Player Report for #8 Manny García
Tuesday, October 4th, 2022
Name:Manny GarcíaContract:Minor League Contract
Birthday:07-17-1995Signed Through:
Age:27Years of Major League Service:None, 16 Days
Born in:Unión de Reyes (Matanzas)Major League Service Days this Year:1 Day
Height:6' 4"Years on 40-Man Roster:3 Years, 14 Days
Weight:258 lbsYears of Pro Service:9 Years
  Arbitration Eligibility:Not yet eligible
Position:1BMinor League Option Years:Last option year
Throws:RightContract Extension -
Status:Completely RestedDrafted2013, 21st Pick in Round 8
Morale:Very GoodLocal Popularity (National)Unknown (Unknown)
Batting Ratings (SISA)
BattingContactGapPowerDiscipline/EyeAvoid K's 
Versus LHP6694583968 
Versus RHP6694583968 
Running & Bunting Ratings  Fielding Ratings
Running Speed:30 First Base 38
Stealing Ability:17 
Baserunning Instincts:2 
Sacrifice Bunt:76 
Bunt for Hit:42 
Hitter Type:Spray Hitter 
Game Log, Last 10 Games
09-14-2022 SHRWin, 9-141000100        
09-13-2022 SHRLoss, 6-751200010        
09-11-2022@ SHRLoss, 2-940110010        
09-10-2022@ SHRWin, 10-352300000        
09-09-2022@ SHRLoss, 6-1140100100        
09-07-2022 SHRWin, 9-650000020        
09-06-2022 SHRWin, 4-331200000        
09-04-2022@ LARWin, 6-541341000        
09-03-2022@ LARWin, 12-661220010        
09-02-2022@ LARWin, 7-250010000        
LBSQ Triple A 2022 Batting Stats
Versus Left 000000000000.
Versus Right 000000000000.
April 10135803201579101.347.391.515.906
May 11140803251688106.360.429.514.942
June 1043313101513814202.317.371.462.832
July 1033031519171112201.291.359.485.844
August 7521512128105103.280.382.453.835
Playoffs 7422215171458002.297.358.554.912
Last Year 5121835043013710846316020.357.426.6461.073
Career 100634287743228177907913033.340.407.569.976
Home 243801821149392723407.329.406.556.961
Road 25179191242301725306.315.368.422.791
Grass 49415937313916944487013.322.387.488.875
Day 13638101011201610104.279.369.368.737
Night 3581212721380492838609.338.394.534.928
Career Batting Stats
2019 Atlanta - LBSQ2388310012100300.375.444.500.9440.8
Total LBSQ1 yrs.88310012100300.375.444.500.9440.8
Career Minor League Batting Stats
2013 Bremerton - R17611000000000001.0001.0001.0002.0000.0
2014 Bremerton - R181436830196501600.222.310.389.6980.6
2015 Bremerton - R19438620602161311211200.233.330.372.7020.6
2016 Bremerton - R20417727100124161234900.351.438.519.95710.4
2017 Bremerton - R2146803271324171052801.400.485.6251.11017.3
2018 Bremerton - R22622449031511656032931912.369.455.6721.12749.9
2019 Kinnelon - A2311648318553517124109661122835.383.466.6191.08579.0
2020 Ligonier - AA248234610927414736548571724.315.399.538.93730.9
2021 Lexington - AAA2512651218350430137108462063141.357.426.6461.07376.9
2022 Lexington - AAA26125494159373139169441374810.322.387.488.87530.9
Total LBSQAAA2511006342877432281779033137951.340.407.569.976107.8
Total LBSQAA8234610927414736548571724.315.399.538.93730.9
Total LBSQA11648318553517124109661122835.383.466.6191.08579.0
Total LBSQR212524178576181381127019115413.340.428.5741.00278.8
Career Postseason Batting Stats
2022 Lexington - LBSQAAA261774222151714520801.297.358.554.9120.0
Total LBSQAAA1774222151714520801.297.358.554.9120.0
Career Fielding Stats
2019 Atlanta - ML1B10100101.0001.09.00
2022 Lexington - AAA1B1251251171569012336.9951118.19.87
Player History
01-01-2018SISA scouting updated ratings (potential): Contact: 49 (51); Power: 50 (56); Eye: 29 (27).
04-16-2018Wins the LBSQR SL1 Player of the Week Award.
05-01-2018Wins the LBSQR SL1 Batter of the Month Award.
05-01-2018Was selected to the 2018 LBSQ Rookie League All-Star Game.
05-21-2018Wins the LBSQR SL1 Player of the Week Award.
06-01-2018Wins the LBSQR SL1 Batter of the Month Award.
01-01-2019SISA scouting updated ratings (potential): Contact: 62 (62); Power: 53 (56); Eye: 33 (37).
05-12-2019Hits for the CYCLE, going 4-5 against the Lepanto Sunshine, with 3 RBI and 2 runs scored.
05-20-2019Wins the LBSQA SL2 Player of the Week Award.
05-31-2019Was selected to the 2019 LBSQ Single A All-Star Game.
06-01-2019Wins the LBSQA SL2 Batter of the Month Award.
07-01-2019Wins the LBSQA SL2 Player of the Week Award.
07-01-2019Wins the LBSQA SL2 Batter of the Month Award.
09-07-2019Won the 2019 LBSQ Single A Round 3 with the Kinnelon Impulse!
09-20-2019Wins the 2019 LBSQA SL2 Outstanding Hitter Award.
11-26-2019Received a 1-year contract worth a total of $276,451 through automatic renewal.
01-01-2020SISA scouting updated ratings (potential): Contact: 65 (62); Power: 55 (56); Eye: 40 (37).
05-31-2020Was selected to the 2020 LBSQ Double A All-Star Game.
06-04-2020Injured (fractured cheekbone), out for 5 weeks.
09-04-2020Won the 2020 LBSQ Double A Round 3 with the Ligonier Skyscrapers!
01-01-2021SISA scouting updated ratings (potential): Contact: 66 (62); Power: 58 (56); Eye: 40 (37).
05-31-2021Wins the LBSQAAA SL1 Player of the Week Award.
06-04-2021Was selected to the 2021 LBSQ Triple A All-Star Game.
06-14-2021Wins the LBSQAAA SL1 Player of the Week Award.
07-26-2021Wins the LBSQAAA SL1 Player of the Week Award.
08-01-2021Wins the LBSQAAA SL1 Batter of the Month Award.
09-19-2021Won the 2021 LBSQ Triple A Round 3 with the Lexington Hippies!
01-01-2022SISA scouting updated ratings (potential): Contact: 66 (62); Power: 58 (56); Eye: 40 (37).
06-04-2022Was selected to the 2022 LBSQ Triple A All-Star Game.
07-04-2022Wins the LBSQAAA SL1 Player of the Week Award.
09-15-2022Won the 2022 LBSQ Triple A Round 3 with the Lexington Hippies!

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